Love You – Hate Your Theology!

Have you ever been referred to as a “Heretic”? I’m not so sure that isn’t the reason I was unceremoniously booted off AOL 25 times – and ultimately banished forever as a customer – in the first 5 years of this online ministry. It could have had something to do with that as many Orthodox, mainline Christians were not able to stomach my beliefs regarding speaking in tongues, laying hands on the sick and casting out demons.

TROAT Theology – Do YOU Believe It?

Over the past several years, I have been asked more frequently if I am a Believer in The Restitution Of All Things. TROAT, I call it.

Did Moses Write Genesis? Questioning Christianity

If you’re a Christian, you have probably been taught that the Bible is perfectly written and the written word of God. However, I would like you to think about something… Who told you this and who told the people that told you. Did your parents teach you and their parents teach them about Christianity? Are you questioning Christianity or accepting it?

Looking For God in the Bible – Curious Christians

We read the Bible because we are looking for God, but does anyone really know where to look? Are you reading the Bible because you want to, because you have to, or are you really looking for the creator of the universe. That being or entity that created the universe. Does the Bible have the answers in it that you’re looking for?

Major Breakthrough in Christian Beliefs

Do you believe in Christianity and support the opinions of others because it feels right? I know plenty of Christians that will quote to me from the Bible without an understanding of the Holy Bible or their religion. If you ask them an easy question like,” Is the Bible a book?” Most of them will give you a puzzling look and then respond with,” Yes, I believe it is.”

Questioning the Creation of Man – Christian Bible

First let me introduce Jehovah, the same God that is worshiped by Muslims, Jews and Christians, with the exclusion of Jesus. Only the Christians believe that Jesus is God, the other two religions believe in the same God he’s just referred to in different names. This God is an all-knowing being or entity that has never been seen, but has been heard by a select few. Why is God afraid to show himself?

Reading a Confusing Translation – Understanding the Bible

If you’re looking for interesting Bible secrets, they can be found simply by reading the Bible. If the Bible was written to confuse and irritate followers, it does a pretty good job. The Bible is confusing, because the people spoke a little different to thousand years ago and it was written in three different languages.

Guess What I Heard on the News?

I don’t watch much of the news on TV, especially lately. It is not very inspiring or encouraging. That’s one of the main reasons I haven’t subscribed to a newspaper for some time now. The reports paint a pretty depressing picture. And, most of their predictions paint a gloomy future.

What Will it Take to Fix the USA?

There are almost as many answers to this question of what it will take to the our country back on track as there are people who try to answer it. There is an answer that has worked in the past but is being practiced by far to few. II Chronicles 7:14 tells us, “if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.” Many of us, myself included, spend far too much time plotting, scheming and complaining and not enough following this advice.

Worship Leading – The Joy, The Pain and The Responsibility!

When you are called to be a worship leader, there is a huge amount of joy, but this can be counterbalanced by a certain degree of pain in getting your worship leading to the point that you want it to be. Worship leading is, in fact, about those two words; worship and leading!

Faith – Can We Force Our Christian Helpfulness Onto Others As We See Fit?

Kindness, charity, and volunteering are things we can try to do to help others. Yet, a cheerful, humble, empathetic, Christ-dependent faith will bring success to these efforts.

What Matters Most to the Heart of God

The real issue at stake for the survival of America is His church returning back to God in a life of obedience. It has been stated that nearly 78% of Americans believe in God. God shows just where He stands on life. If 78% of us believe in God then those 78% must understand what matters most to God.

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