Oh O! They Thought God Didn’t Know But He Saw All Of It

Last Days Revival – Is it Too Late

In different parts of the world, not just the United States of America, churches have their yearly revival. We need a heart changing, devil stopping, Holy Ghost daily purging that will change lives, and turn our backslidden country around. Is it really too late?

A Solar Powered New Moon

A month is a unit of time related to the moon’s orbit around the earth. As the earth and moon together orbit the sun, the double orbiting causes the phenomenon we know as lunar phases. The moon’s phases are the measuring units for metering the days of a month.

Is Your Sermon Too Long?

How long should a sermon be? This article discusses sermon length and the painfulness of sermons that are too long. The author offers solutions to the problem of the long winded sermons.

Do You Have a Constitutional Right to Refuse Chemotherapy?

A commentary on a case involving a 13-year-old who wants to use alternative treatment for his cancer. His mother is now a fugitive because they refuse to yield to the court edict.

Unitarianism – What is This Doctrine? Is it Christian in the Orthodox Sense?

The redemptive aspect of Christ’s work was to be found solely in the example that it provided for free men to use as a guidepost to find their way to God and to be rewarded with divinity for their obedi­ence that was the result of the moral power of Christ’s exam­ple.

Learn to Read the Bible

The first place we must look for rules of interpretation is the text itself. We do this with every literary work. For instance, if we want to properly appreciate a poetic composition we make an effort to discover the rhythm, recognize the symbolism and so on. If we seek to interpret a work of prose we search the text to determine the philosophical assumptions of the writer and uncover clues to his intent. When we read a non-fiction work we normally find that the writer tells us up-front why he wrote the book and for whom the tome is intended. The point is, we always look to the text first in order to understand the work. Just so with the Bible.

Benedict XVI – The Eighth German Pope in History

Pope Benedict XVI has been the head of the Roman Catholic Church since his predecessor John Paul II died in 2005. His real name is Joseph Ratzinger and he is the eighth German to become pope. Benedict XVI is a well-educated man, speaks many languages and even plays the piano.

Standing in the Home of Abraham the Prophet (Literally)

The original home of Abraham the prophet was in the Sumerian city of Ur in ancient Mesopotamia, in present-day Iraq, near Nasiriyah south of Baghdad. Most accounts of Abraham’s life concur that this is the location where Abraham began to doubt his father’s idols, and believe in the existence of one true God. Today, after 4000 years, the home is still partially preserved, and partially reconstructed.

The Informed Consent of the Blessed Mother

This concept of informed consent started me thinking about the visit between the angel and the Virgin when she was told that she would bear a son and that His name would be Emmanuel. This supernatural meeting was the formation of a divine contract. Thus, certain factors had to be in place; otherwise, the contract would be invalid, even illegal.

Out of Compliance

I’m a case manager for a big-city school. I trained to be a counselor, received a Master’s in that field, was hired as a counselor, and occasionally even counsel. But I’m a case manager. In my city, the secret code is that counselor = case manager. Several years and a lot of loose change spent at Northeastern Illinois University to the contrary, most of my life is spent managing special education cases, and the people thereof.

Laws of Science Vs Laws of Faith

Assume, just for a moment, that there is such an omnipotent, all knowing, creator, who can hear every word you say even if you only think it. How do you suppose would be the best way to contact Him. The laws of science do not apply to the laws of faith and vice versa. Science is based on testable repeatable experiments that can be proven over and over again. Faith is not testable, (at least not in the same way) it cannot be experimented on and the term “repeatable” does not apply.

What You Don’t Know is Fooling You, Indeed! Which Islam Are You Talking About? Part IV of IV

The billions of true believers who are the backbone of Islam have no need for fame, prestige for material prosperity though it is substantial to living good. Those I coin the politics of Islam today had a compromise that is coming to its end in this 21st century.

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