Old Covenant vs New Covenant

Miracle Healing and Christian Faith


Miracle Healing and Christian Faith

Many people do not practice their Christian faith or have any connection to the Church. In fact, there are vast numbers of baptized Christians who do not practice their faith, or have any connection to the Church. It is important to recognize that this trend may be due to a variety of factors, including the need to understand how Christian faith can help you live a better life. In this article, we will briefly explore some of the benefits of practicing your faith.

African cosmology perceives life in terms of cause and effect. They probe sickness, misfortune, and self to discern whether or not a particular event has a spiritual significance. Jesus’ disciples probed for the cause, and he replied that neither the blind man’s parents were the cause. He went on to heal him and restore his sight. Such stories are common in the continent, and have inspired many believers.

However, in our day and age, many people have had enough exposure to Christianity to become immune to it. Consequently, many people have been influenced by anti-Christian propaganda in the media and in intellectual circles. Such people are much harder to reach than those who have never heard of Jesus. However, there are many resources available for understanding the basics of Christianity. In particular, the Bible’s New Testament and other primary sources can be consulted to help you better understand the origin of Christian beliefs.

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