Ordination To The Office Of Evangelist

2011 – A Year of Restoration (1)

“The Lord says, ‘I will give you back what you lost to the stripping locusts, the cutting locusts, the swarming locusts, and the hopping locusts.” Joel 2:25. This year shall be a year of restoration to you.

Meditation on the Advent

In addition to scripture being used, it is not uncommon that Christmas Hymns are also used as meditations. Hymns tend to be used as either the full hymn, or select pieces of the hymn being used as a Mantra. In either case, this style of meditation is typically used a celebration of approach of Christmas.n addition to scripture being used, it is not uncommon that Christmas Hymns are also used as meditations. Hymns tend to be used as either the full hymn, or select pieces of the hymn being used as a Mantra.

Calvinism Predestination

Calvinism’s predestination doctrine teaches that God predestines individuals for heaven or hell through an “unconditional election” process. In other words, God chooses to create some people who are predestined to go to heaven, and He chooses to create others who are predestined to go to hell; furthermore, the people themselves have no choice in the matter, because, according to Calvinism, mankind has no “free will” or freedom of choice. God has predestined everyone and everything.

The Distinct and Peculiar Obligation of Biblical Covenants Results From A Voluntary Oath

Religious covenants have an obligation distinct and peculiar. Although the authority of God, expressed in his law and speaking through his word, is supreme and cannot possibly be increased, there may be a superadded obligation on a man’s conscience to respect and obey His authority, arising from his own voluntary oath or engagement.

Understand God’s Words And Teachings Thru Gloria And Kenneth Copeland

The Kenneth Copeland Ministries have changed the lives of many people, especially those who were once lost. Thousands of folks have realized that there is certainly someone up there who cares for them and who will never forsake them. The ministry educates individuals to have trust in God. This is important in all of our lives for it shows us the correct way. It permits us to understand the different problems we encounter, and it also gives us hope that things will be better someday.

Can Anything Good Come Out of America?

American culture is in a moral freefall. The fault lies with her pulpits.

Why Multi-Ethnic Worship Music Is Important in American Churches

The ever-changing demographics of American society show a rise in what used to be considered minority groups. The number of African-American, Latino-American, and Asian-American citizens has grown considerably. With that growth has come a change in the demographics of the American church.

Olives In The Holy Bible – Part 1

The olive tree is one of the most sacred plants in the Holy Bible. In the Mediterranean Sea region, the olive wood has been cultivated since old times and was widely used in the daily life of the ancient people. People in the holy land used olive for food, lamp oil, anointing oil and as a building material.

Church Leaders: Have You Broken Your Resolutions Already?

January is a time church leaders often think, NOW I’m going to do this: get the desk clear, spend more time with staff, launch this or that back-burner project. And then: life intrudes. And we think: It’s only January, and I’m off track already. I’m distracted, and I’m never going to get focused again.

The Zen Garden and Your Buddha Garden Sculpture

Buddha Garden Sculpture is a very common search term when looking for suitable Buddha Statues for outdoor use in one’s home, business or resorts. These statues are traditionally crafted of weather worthy materials such as: bronze, brass, marble, granite, stone, concrete or resign/fiberglass. All of these construction materials are proven outdoor materials; which can withstand the harsh condition of hot, cold, rain and sunshine.

Do We Take God’s Grace for Granted Sometimes?

This is an article about God’s Grace. What we are accustom to, which is called the normal is really God’s grace but so often we do not acknowledge it so we would take it for granted never giving Him appreciation for what He has done.

Respecting Scriptural Prophesy and Authority

In context, (2 Peter 1:16-21) the Apostle Peter is defending the apostolic preaching of Christ’s second coming; it is not a “cleverly devised myth,” (v. 16) as was being purported by some. Indeed, Peter is simply testifying to a key portion of the gospel message; linking Old Testament with what was fast becoming New.

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