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What Is Christianity?

Christianity is a religion based on Jesus and the Bible. It has several unique branches that have developed over the past two thousand years. Each branch has its own beliefs and teachings, but they all share a common foundation. Christians believe in one God, his son Jesus Christ and the Bible as a holy book. They also believe that Jesus lived and experienced human suffering, healed the sick and told stories, or parables to teach about life.

Christian doctrine states that humans have a sinful nature. This sinful nature is passed down from Adam and Eve when they disobeyed God. Christians believe that they have the choice to either follow God and his law or to reject it. When they follow the law of God, they will be rewarded with eternal joy and happiness. When they break the law of God, they will be punished with eternal hell.

Christians believe that Jesus Christ was sent by God to be their Savior. He came to earth as a human, died on the cross and rose again the third day. He taught a new way of life by example and His teachings are written down in the Bible, or Old Testament and New Testament.

Jesus instructed his followers to make disciples, heal the sick and cast out demons. This is an inseparable part of His Great Commission. The healings that took place were often a result of sin, but sometimes they were not. Regardless of whether the healing was because of sin or not, it was a sign that Jesus was present.

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