The Clash of the Brahmins

To understand the Brahmins way of life, their traditions, customs etc. The word Brahmin involves all those of uppermost caste people in India, who claim that they are the chosen of God. If anyone worship a Brahmin, he is not worshiping a human being; instead he is worshiping God incarnate. Should anyone serve or offer alms to a Brahmin then he is doing them to God himself. These are the beliefs that are in calculated in the minds of all other people, especially, in the lower caste people.

These Untold Mysteries of the Forgotten Cross!

Consider, dear friend: Oh! Holy Spirit! I come to You, To learn Truths, unknown — forgotten, too. I know You’ve yet many things to say, Which were unsaid then, To be said — Today! He Who was the Personification of the Holy Spirit, once said, ‘I have yet MANY things to say unto you, but you cannot bear them now.

Where Do You Go When All Hope Seems to Be Gone?

Where do you go when all hope has been taken away? Can you still put on a smile, quote your favorite positive saying and look on the bright side of things? That’s what some say to do and if it only has to do with some negative events or a little stress or pressure in your life, then sure we can all suck it up and move on. But what about that gut punch that drops you to your knees mentally and emotionally what do you do then?

Defining Christianity Down

We hear lots of cockamamie ideas about what Christianity is. Here’s just one–and why it misses the mark.

Drifting Away

Many churches today are struggling to survive. Pastors and church leaders seem to get a lot of pressure when their churches fail to grow. Churches are living organisms, and as such they are not intended to remain the same. If they are nourished, they grow.

Christians – Identify Your Cross

One of life’s greatest challenges to the Christians is about taking up the cross. Looked at critically, the decision has less to do with just taking up the cross, but more to do with the ability to identify it and realize that it needs to be taken up. The questions raised hereunder may be help-promising in this regard.

Earthly and Eternal Christian Winners

Winning is a measure of performance. Who then is a winner? It is someone who has done best in some competition, race, fight and such others. We understand by it that the person’s feat has come tops, outshone others’.

God Save the Religious Ones

When a person is confirmed not God-given/created, and there’s compelling evidence that he/she was sought from sources other than God, what should we understand by it? Another person struts about, swollen with pride as one great person who visits the land of the spirits and requests what he wishes and it’s given! “Do the Christians and other great religions have answers to offer for situations in this cast and mode?” you ask.

How to Do the Most Important Things in Life – Tithing – How to Avoid Robbing God

The article tells of how Christians who do not pay their tithes in full are under a curse, how the curse works, and how to avoid it. The first tenth of your harvest (salary, pension, general income) belongs to God.

False Teachers of the Word

When you think about false teachers, it is easy to associate them with the leaders of the church during Christ’s time. However, there are just as many today that may sound Holy and Biblical, but only pick and choose what they teach.

Physical Benefits to Living Spiritual Laws

Why do members of the LDS church tend to live longer and have a lower risk of cancer? This article discusses various beliefs Mormons have that help them live a healthy lifestyle.

Effective Time Management in Ministry – Preventing Job Burnout

Effective time management keeps us enthusiastic about our competency…and prevents job burnout…which is a loss of enthusiasm and motivation for our work. Here are some fundamental ways of thinking and acting that will keep you keen on your important work in ministry.

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