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Theology, Not History – The Problem With Mish-Mashing the Gospels

Often what is “common knowledge” among biblical scholars and what is “common knowledge” among ordinary Christians is not the same thing. Somewhere from the university to the Sunday school, the four Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John) seem to be unconsciously combined to greater or lesser degrees into a kind of mish-mash or harmony to produce a single cohesive history. The Gospels are thus altogether portrayed, or at least received, not so much as theology but as a singular historical account.

The Seals of Revelations, 1900 Years

We can see by these words John was a participant in the tribulation, a time of great distress, oppression and affliction which I believe has been continuing for almost 1900+ years. I also believe John was not only writing these words for the churches of Asia minor but as a continuum of time over the past 1900+ yrs. Time is on a circular continuum, we can clearly see that the 7 churches of Asia minor do not exist in the world today as they did then, but, the fact is great distress, oppression and afflictions continue today, and the same conditions of the 7 churches within Asia minor exist in the churches of the world today.

Buddhism and Hard Times

More and more these days it seems that some of humanity’s sharpest and brightest ideas are actually ancient ones. Among the insights that Buddha received during his enlightenment more than 2,600 years ago under the Bodhi tree in Bodh Gaya, India, is the most fundamental teaching of the Buddhist tradition, that of the “Four Noble Truths.”

The Power of Prayer

There is nothing I would rather do than pray. Period. When I pray and get into the presence of God, I feel encouraged, strengthened, and even transformed! When God and I get together we can really have a good time!

What Is Truth?

If we are familiar with the sin of Adam, we understand that by nature it is impossible to satisfy God’s requirements on our own, that although we do have a way The world religions offer a variety of answers to this most critical question, and they all seem to come up with some sort of mystical answer which does not resolve the contradiction. Christians are often criticized for their “harsh intolerance” in arguing that we have the only truth, yet in their accusation, those “liberals” are themselves showing a hypocritical intolerance of our position.

Lessons For Sunday School – 3 Interesting Teachings to Offer Your Students

Coming up with different lessons for Sunday school can be a tiresome project. This article provides you with three different Sunday school ideas that are sure to get the children in your child’s church motivated.

Buddha and Symbolism

There are a number of arts and crafts designed around the Buddha Statue. A tour of India and other regions across South East Asia unravels the mystique and symbolism associated with the Great Soul.

Memorial Day and Living Life at Outstanding

“Show me your purpose for me at Tech, and on this earth. But, if you choose not to, I will still praise you and walk where you lead, not because I am selfless, or holy, or ‘determined to sacrifice myself to do what is right’ but because you are the delight of my heart and I cannot live without you.” This prayer was written by Lauren McCain shortly before she was killed by a gunman at Virginia Tech on April 16, 2007.

Do You Need Breakthrough? Just Learn to Worship

You need a breakthrough in your life, you need a change, you need God’s assistance. Learn how to worship and it will change how your life will lead out.

Recent English Bible Translations

The Bible has been translated into about two thousand languages. Just within the English language, there are more than twenty versions of the Bible. However, not all of them have been translated at the same time. Instead, they can be viewed as improvements through later versions.

Wise Leadership Involves Pleasing God the Father and in the End of the Day That is What Counts

The quality of our leadership is much more important than we sometimes realise. I am the good shepherd and the good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep. These are such precious and treasured words and they mean so much to so many people. Here is Jesus speaking about good shepherds and bad shepherds, and true shepherds and false shepherds. Shepherds, and all good and true leaders, in the Church of Jesus Christ, have to be prepared to go as far down the road of sacrifice as they are called to, and many around the world find that to be a very high cost.

Seeing the Evidences of My Faith

Many people undo in doubt what they began in faith. The question then is: how do I know that the decision I made in faith is the right one?

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