Don’t Reverse the Christian Order

Christians, you maybe wondering why we feel that sounding the warning bell is necessary at this time. It is because of the recurrence of the things we need not do.

Are You Ready For Jesus?

Ready yourselves Brothers and Sisters for Restoration is well underway. Set God before everything in your lives. Put the Lord first before every action thought and deed.

In God’s Kingdom, Humility and Timing Are Everything (Matthew 21)

Jesus here is getting to the business end of things as Matthew tells his gospel. His parables and teaching have less patience about them and more judgment as the chapters wind on. He is stirring some pretty threatening warnings about the kingdom and who will enter and how they’ll enter.

Miracle of Saint Catherine of Bologna

Perhaps, one of the greatest Miracles is the in-corrupt body of our Saint, seated on a regal throne in a Chapel to the left of the main altar in the Church of Corpus Domini in Bologna. It remains intact, never having decomposed for over five hundred years! In the beginning, after they realized they could not place her body in the grave, four nuns would carry Saint Catherine’s body to the parlor on a wooden stretcher, every time…

Whose Fault is Original Sin?

Original sin is not an enduring punishment condemning generation after generation. Rather, original sin is a temptation of ego. We fall prey to the temptation by seeking power, indulging in judgment, and feigning arrogance. We are only free if ego is not master. It is our fault.

Discrimination in Christianity

I’m not sure. The ability to be upright in your deeds with your head high in sincerity has less to do with the position you hold in church, committee or association but has more to do with what you want to be. Closely related to it are the construction and alignment of your heart together with your true commitment.

The Approval Christians Seek

The approval Christians are after is the approval from God, not men’s. Why? Because any gift from God is sacrosanct while whatever is from man is most often fraught with faults and misgivings. “For not he that commendeth himself is approved, but whom the Lord commendeth.” (II Corinthians 10: 18 KJV).

Matthew 28:19 – How Will You Go and Make Disciples If There’s No Church?

Help to spread the word about Christianity. Strengthen all of Christendom. Shock new information found about the Devil’s plan for the church!

A Lost Child Looking For God’s Grace

I am a lost child who lost my father at the age of ten but I always managed to keep my pain within. Though my heart was troubled I kept a bright face holding on dearly to God’s given grace.

The Jewish Tallit – Prayer Shawl

With every religion, you will find that there are symbols, signs and even certain types of clothing that are exclusively associated with their customs and practices. Jewish customs are no different and there are actually a few things that are associated with the religion that one person or another should have and use at most times if not all the time.

Christian Inspirational Art – Using Paintings and Other Artwork to Show Our Faith

Can Christian art be inspirational art? A wise man once asked me if my home was to be investigated could I be convicted of being a Christian? Obviously, I hope the answer is a resounding yes. However, what did he really mean by this question?

The Savior of the World

There are certain views and prejudices which stand between many people and a full knowledge of Jesus Christ and a true joy of salvation. Certain views and prejudices create fixed ideas and limits which make it impossible to obtain this knowledge and joy. For some people everything must fit into these limits or else be left outside.

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