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Why Bother About The Cross?

Most people know something about Jesus, and how he died on a cross. Many, however, reckon this is just an old religious belief, and that there are more vital issues in getting a good degree, a career, or following sport – surely an old belief like that isn’t going to make any difference to me today. Why not?

The Mother God and Religious Discrimination Against Women

The Mother God of Babylon is responsible for discrimination against women. She was called Mary and is still the chief god of prayer in the minds of many.

The Unholy Fifth Dogma of Mary

My article is about the Roman Catholic Church’s push to give the Virgin Mary titles which are blasphemous. This Fifth Dogma will give “Mary” God-like status and be a fourth part of the Holy Trinity.

Choosing the Right Fabric for Your Church Chairs

Your church has made the decision to purchase new church chairs. There will now be a variety of choices your church will need to process for these new church chairs such as bookracks or no bookracks, card and pencil holders or not, width of chairs, choice of frame finish for your church chairs, and other available options. But perhaps no decision will be more important from a dΓ©cor perspective than the fabric you choose for your church chairs. Let’s talk about the church chair fabric options available to your church.

Those Who Have Gone Before Us

Those who have preceded us in death still speak to us. The same will be true of us.

Understanding The Significance Of Jewish Prayer Shawl During Morning Prayers

A head gear is an essential part of men’s dress belonging to many different religious communities. One of these communities is the Jewish community which considers a Jewish head covering a considerably important part of Jew’s attire. A headgear is worn by a Jew to always remind him about the Divine power above him and that Divine Power is watching all his activities. Thus, it is believed that the practice of covering the head always, which is prevalent among the Jews, is a representation of their awareness that there is God above them who is the Supreme and it also depicts their sense of shame and humility in the presence of the Almighty.

Do Jews Really Have a Right to Palestine?

The promise God made to Israel about ancient Canaan (now Palestine) was conditional. Jews ultimately did not meet the conditions. But God did promise they would ultimately get a new covenant. St Paul (a Jewish convert to Christianity) claimed this new covenant was introduced through Christianity. The Christian New Testament implies that Jews will have a far more prominent role in the after-life than Christians. The promises to Abraham and Moses will all be fulfilled during the life after death.

Why Does One Often Go Through Hell to Get to Heaven?

The things people do are usually dictated by our environment and expectations. But there is another force that drives us along and that is a lot harder to define.

Visions From God That Will Change Our Lives

The Spirit is working to destroy the evil from the world so that only those of the Spirit will be saved. They will receive their inheritance which is part of the plan of God. This will happen after the horror that is about to come upon the world as a result of man’s evil and false gods.

Vessels of Hope

This article is about the Chinese Christian Churches in the Philippines that bring God’s love closer to people. We may not be able to help everyone in need but certainly we can help many.

All the Host of Heaven Shall Be Dissolved – Isaiah 34:4

Bible prophecies are coming true as we enter what is seemingly the last days. Terrorism is growing out of proportion and wars are about to start that may be impossible to stop. The truth about God is also now shown. The false gods, idols and icons will go.

Why God Is Hidden and Missing From People’s Lives?

The search for answers goes on for many who are trying to understand why they suffer and experience the trauma of life’s hardships? The answer is not that far away as one has only to look at the beliefs that surround them and their own behaviour to find solutions.

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