Palm Sunday With HungryGen Church (Live Online Experience)

Town Hall Meetings – Ugh!

Is anything being accomplished by the recent Town Hall meetings or are we creeping dangerously closer to disaster every time we gather? “Come, let us reason together” is impossible under these circumstances. Surely you’ve seen the “Us against Them” footage displaying some REALLY ticked-off Americans at their worst, shouting with veins popping out of their temples, disrespectfully screaming at their elected officials, albeit passionately, wanting desperately to be heard. They SHOULD be heard, too, but there’s a better way.

What Does Your Name Say About You?

Are you happy with the name your parent/s chose for you? I imagine that most of us are satisfied with the name we’re stuck with. Have you ever asked yourself what your name says about you?

Family Doesn’t Stand a Chance – Or Does It?

There are so many things that can and do come against the modern family. Modern life has a way of competing for the interest of husband, wife, sibling and child. Temptation meets the carnal nature of each one of us in some way or other at any given moment, and all we can do is “contend for the faith” (and our families) if we’re cognizant of it.

A True Servant of God

To be a true servant of God is not always an easy task. We must first place God at the forefront of our priorities, then others, then ourselves. The word “servant” doesn’t exactly evoke a warm and fuzzy feeling in us at first glance but once we realize the benefits of being a faithful servant of God, we see that the Bible is true in it’s statement that “the last shall be first and the first shall be last.”

The Stuff of Dreams – Psalm 126

Those who sowed in tears eventually reaped with shouts of joy (v. 5) as they realised materially what had been sacrificed in advance spiritually. These people risked security for purpose because they knew they were nothing without their God.

Challenging Western Beliefs About Islam

It took six years for Gallup to complete what is potentially the largest survey of the world’s Muslims ever attempted. The results of the survey drastically contradict perceptions held by many Westerners about the Islamic faith.

Tendering Justice With Mercy

The clarity of the deed of law does not make plead after being discovered. The breaking of the law in a process necessitates the grace. It is the graciousness of God in accounting for the deed of man. This is expressing the mind of God to save at all cost.

Mysteries of the Bible – Advanced Bible Study Techniques

Have you ever wanted to really know what the mysteries of the Bible really are? Was Jesus more important than God? Why were the Jewish people considered to be the chosen ones, even though they don’t get to go to heaven, because they don’t believe that Jesus Christ was their Lord and Savior? I would like to help you solve some of the mysteries of the Bible.

Properly Exercising Faith – People Who Represent Christianity

It’s your responsibility as a Christian to properly exercise your faith and to express your opinions as such. If you don’t know something for a fact, you are obligated to seek and gather more information about these so-called facts.

The True Colors of Christianity – Searching For the Facts

You shouldn’t be afraid to search for the facts, I’m talking about doing a little research about Christianity and finding the truth out for yourself. Resist any of the manipulation that derives from manipulated Bible verses. Some of these Bible verses have been manipulated in different ways for centuries.

Shame and Judging People

True reformation and revival of the Christian church must reform and revive church courts. Indeed, as the civil court system continues to collapse from the backlog of cases and the moral corruption of the legal system, the Christian church may well find itself faced with an opportunity to actually be what God has called it to be — a vehicle of forgiveness and reconciliation among all people.

Finding the Best Religion in the World

I would like to send this message out to every religion in the world. If you truly have the best religion and you know it without a doubt, how come your God hasn’t given you the ability to convince everyone that he’s superior to the others? Do your religious beliefs come from traditions that have never been questioned?

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