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Miracle Healing and Christian Spirituality

In the Bible, the human person is divided into soul and body. The mission of Christ is to save souls and restore the body to wholeness. Many believe that healings are performed by the Lord, but the apostles never did this. The apostles were only given powers to cast out demons and heal the sick. They did not perform these miracles to keep the church healthy. In other words, healings were not performed by Jesus to keep the church healthy.

This view of the nature of spiritual reality has become controversial. Many critics believe that charismatic prayer is too extreme, leading to an unhealthy obsession with demonic enemies. It absolves the individual from personal responsibility for sin and elevates believers to almost God-like status. The doctrine also claims that Christian prayers will determine the outcome of the end-times cosmological war between God and Satan. While there is much controversy over this belief, it is not universally condemned.

Jesus sent twelve apostles, telling them to preach the gospel, healing the sick, raising the dead, and casting out demons. These apostles then preached the word of God, teaching the people to obey Jesus’ words. This way, they can share God’s message with the nations. However, personal discipleship is not easy. It requires wisdom, patience, and consecration. To teach others to follow Christ means to obey the teaching of the Bible.

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