Pastor Caught Using DEMONIC Powers!!!

Miracles in Christianity


Miracles in Christianity

The Christian religion is based on the life of Jesus of Nazareth. It is the world’s largest religion, with over two billion followers worldwide. Christianity is a monotheistic faith. Those who follow Jesus have to undergo personal discipleship, including consecration and patience.

Miracles are a central part of the Christian experience. There are several accounts in the New Testament of healings performed by Jesus and his disciples. He healed lepers, blind people, and paralyzed men. However, most of these miracles were done in the presence of Jesus.

While some Christians claim the gift of healing, others are caught using chicanery to make their claims. Some churches shy away from performing supernatural ministry. But God is still doing miracles, as evidenced by the Book of Acts.

Jesus commissioned his apostles to preach and work miracles. They had power over demons, disease, and the dead. Their mission was to spread the Good News.

However, many apostles were limited in their powers. So their miracles were not like the feeding of the five thousand. This was only the first evangelistic mission. After this, apostles could perform miracles but only for the sick.

Apostle Paul also worked miracles. His friend Epaphroditus was sick. When he saw the man, Paul called on the name of Jesus. Afterward, the man was healed.

Although the apostles were limited in their powers, they were used by God to perform wonders. They were called messengers of God.

The Bible does not record how long miracles were performed. Despite this, Africans see God working miracles as the gospel advances.

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