Pastor Delivered from Depression while Watching Live

Fear Not! (4)

All these fears were also shown in the vow Jacob made to God in Genesis 28:20-21, “If he will bring me back safely to my father, then I will make the LORD my God. This memorial pillow will become a place for worshiping God, and I will give God a tenth of everything he gives me.”

Easter Sunday is Grounded in the Most Important Historical Event in Human History

The most important event in all of history is the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. Christians the world over will celebrate the resurrection during solemn and joyous Easter services in April. In fact Christians celebrate the resurrection every Sunday, as most have changed the observance of the sabbath from the seventh day of the week to the first day of the week in honor of the resurrection.

The Home Church Needs a Room in a House and Nothing Else

The Lord does not need a building in the New Testament era. He needs people filled with the Holy Spirit to do his work. We also forget that the Lord who is at work we are just his co-workers.

Repentance – Beginning the Journey to Christ

Any significant change in a person or process has an identifiable starting point. In Christianity that starting point is repentance. Repentance is one of those “religious” words that most people sort of know but don’t quite understand. Simply put, repentance is recognition of a persons own faults and sins and the need to change.

How to Break Through Mental Barriers in Prayer

Many Christians struggle with their prayer life. It’s as if there is a mental barrier between them and God. They feel that their prayers are just bouncing off the ceiling. They know there is a God, but they just can’t seem to talk to that God. This article will help you break down that barrier.

Christians’ Actions Affect Others

Human actions spread like wild fire because of their apparent built-in chain reactions. They’re contagious or infectious in their effects on people, religious or not, or the free thinking arm of the society. All the more the Christians should always preview or review what they wish to do before letting them out.

The Christian Honesty

‘Honest’ is defined as, “not telling lies, not cheating or stealing, straightforward” and ‘honesty’ as, “the quality of being honest, freedom from deceit, cheating etc.” For the Christians and more nearly every religious person, this set of definition sets a store for implications. Implications! Yes, because it suggests a standard of living that’s alluring, but not easily seen in people.

God’s Kingdom Vs Man’s Kingdom

This world we live in with all of its rules and regulations, sin and evil will be completely changed when the Lord sets up his kingdom. The Kingdom of God will be totally different from what we see today.

The Christians and Faith

The meanings of faith, both in the spiritual and temporal, are coterminous. To the Christians, faith is understood to be the trust in “somebody’s ability or knowledge; trust that somebody will do what has been promised.

The Bible is the Central Book of Instruction For the Home Church

The home church that Peter leads starts immediately with the word of God. Peter cites the book of psalms to replace the lost disciple Judas. He quotes the bible and instructs the disciples to choose another person to replace.

The Christians and Evaluation Method

When anything happens in what you do you tend to explain it by taking credit for it as a result of what you perceive to be your technical ability. But if you don’t do well, you place the blame on your circumstances. If you perform well, it’s because you’re sharp; if your performance is unattractive, it’s because of intervening forces.

In the Father’s Throne Room – Part 2

Believers in Christ has access to the Throne Room of God. How is that possible? In Part 2, we continue to look at the book of Hebrews.

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