Pastor from Dnipro Shares on The Crisis in Ukraine

Blindsided by Faith

What happens when you are blindsided? You better keep your options open.

The Yellow Line

She saw the bright light being waved back and forth in front of her eyes. The young man said, “Hello, can you hear me?” She replied, “Yes, I hear you.

Have a Good Day, Christians

The common parting shot in modern day conversations – face to face and/or over the phone is, “Have a good day.” It is not at all clear to me how many people truly live through having a good day after the cheerful wish is so expressed. “How then do the Christians have a good day?” you may be curious to know.

Who’s Your Mother

Many Christians are confused about covenants. Consequently they are attempting to relate to God on the basis of a covenant which is now obsolete. This article is a call to Christians to stand firmly in the grace of God.

Invisible Diggers

How often do we think of those who are involved in preparing the final resting place for our loved ones? They are invisible to most of us.

Something More Powerful Than Me

You look for the answers where the problems lie. You seek the ultimate truth in an illusion. Something more powerful than you animates you, empowers you, guides you. Find the truth by faith.

The Great Commission

“It’s all about me.” This sentiment is the natural outgrowth of the deification of man, which is the aegis of Secular Humanism. For Secular Humanism to reign the people must be dumbed down, and this has been remarkably accomplished. Tragically, this thinking, and this dumbing down, has infected the church in 21st century America, and it has perverted the scope of the great commission.

Tongues, Part 2

The closing of the Canon did not stop any tongues. Rather, the Protestant Reformation began the greatest expansion of Christianity the world had ever seen.

Bible Help For Christians

In times of need there are passages in the Bible from which Christians can obtain help, succor and direction so they can come out victorious. Health to sickness, birth to death are all given due provisions.

Luke 1:1-24, Bible Study Devotion – “What Can John the Baptist’s Father Teach Us?”

What can John the Baptist’s father teach us? Read Luke 1: 1-24: What was the cause of Zechariah’s punishment? What made him hesitate to believe the angel’s message?

2012 Apocalypse – A Trial by Fire!

This article covers the difficulties of the upcoming 2012 event and the solution. It may not be pretty, but it will work.

If God is Good, Why Do People Suffer?

This question is often asked of Christians, but there is a fundamental flaw of logic in the question. In fact there are two basic reasons why this statement is false. Firstly on the basis of responsibility and second on the grounds of logic. The outcome is quite different from common perceptions.

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