Pastor from Western Ukraine helping during Humanitarian Crisis

Death of Democracy? The Banning of the Burqa

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has previously admitted the burqa makes him uncomfortable, Jack Straw caused a media ruckus in 2006 by asking Muslim women to remove veils covering their faces during face-to-face meetings, while the (supposedly non-racist) UKIP have called for a complete ban. But what is a burqa?

What is Halal?

An article looking at the concept of Halal as it is seen in the Western world compared to its actual meaning. A concept that is often misunderstood, halal is explored in greater depth in this article, with the aim of allowing for better understanding of what halal actually means.

Learn How to Fortify Your Prayer Life With All the Power of Heaven

God is acutely aware that if you don’t know His Word you won’t be an effective prayer warrior. While most of the world is toiling endlessly, and doing everything imaginable to keep from being destroyed by a failing world system, God’s people are able to rise above the destruction by following a biblical pathway that always brings success. Join us as we discover a powerful truth that will enable us to overcome today’s challenges while enjoying a peace that passes all understanding.

Victorous Eschatology – Why Futurist Eschatology Cannot Overcome Defeat

Victory in Jesus, a song often sung by futurists is a contradiction of their eschatology. They would be more consistent by singing “Defeat in Jesus” and their eschatology proves it.

Hand Crafted Olive Wood Art From Bethlehem

For thousands of years the Olive Tree has been associated with holistic concepts like love, good health, peace and more. It is a great symbol of Christian tradition. It is said that during the sailing of Noah’s Ark, the dove carried an olive branch in its beak signifying that land was found. Even Jesus Christ offered prayers for the welfare of humanity near an olive tree at Jerusalem immediately after the famous Last Supper. It is believed that the holy tree still exists and is visited by pilgrims in Jerusalem even to this day.

America Must Cry Out, Now!

There’s a passage in Exodus that illustrates the sequence of answered prayer from a perspective that may be new to some of us. Read the end of Chapter 2, beginning at verse 23, and listen for what it tells us about God and what He does.

Does the Messiah Have to Obey the Rabbis?

This article succinctly rebuts some common objections to Jesus being the Messiah. Rabbinic authority and the commencement of the age of peace are explored.

The Basics of Catholic Church Services

Though Catholicism is the largest Christian religion in the United States today, many people who have never been to a Catholic mass seem to think it is a world of its own, which is true in some ways. Truthfully, however, there are many similar events that occur during Catholic Church services, as well as one that is not as common in other Christian churches. These include the singing of hymns, a sermon, and the communion. It is important to know these things before you decide to attend a Catholic church.

A Fantastic Example of a Correct Attitude Toward God With Respect to Prayer

Every Christian has a part to play if they are to be successful in the things of God, and that would certainly include their attitude toward God with respect to their prayer life. Join us as we examine powerful truths that will absolutely transform your prayer life.

The Door Into Noah’s Ark

There was only one door in Noah’s Ark. Why? God told Noah to build an ark of gopher wood; rooms shalt thou make in the ark, and shalt pitch it within and without with pitch.

The Words We Speak

I am not sure that we realize just how IMPORTANT the words we speak are. Every word. It does not matter if we are speaking it to ourselves or others…words are one of the most powerful forces…period. By words the entire universe was created.

Applying Praying Power Secrets in Your Daily Prayer Life

Did you know that Praying Power when directed properly can literally transform your life, and this simple but very effective method of communing with God and yourself on a deeper level has been practised for many centuries till this day? Why do you think Praying Power Continues to Change Lives Till This Day? Well, one main reason is because it’s spiritual, and part of the universal creative energy source, without you even understanding how it works on a conscious level.

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