Intellectualism About Jesus – Truth for All Series 1

There are millions of books out there, and all the literature is about the need for you to accept or renounce the man Jesus Christ – a deceased Jew as God. There is no doubt that this can present a significant intellectual challenge. It is a statement of fact that many will not even want to be associated with considering such ideas, so that peers will not take them for fools. We sure know that a Jew by that name lived in Israel about the time referenced, but was this the type of man that is recorded in the scriptures?

Interpretation of Scripture

It seems as though there are as many interpretations of the Holy Bible as there are churches. But what is the correct interpretation?

God’s Wrath and All Man’s Abominations

We are clearly seeing the change in laws and times, we are clearly seeing Biblical prophecy come to pass, our air, water and food supplies are dwindling, are polluted and have been a great source of conflict around the world. Famine and disease, wars, rumors of wars, conflicts, earthquakes and natural disasters are everywhere, but mankind have taken a blind eye to these things calling them natural occurrences.

Ten Impossible Biblical Events

We all like lists: The ten best this, the top dozen that; the five worst ranking next thing. That’s why the popularity of the Guinness Book of Records. In “Alice through the Looking Glass”, the White Queen believed in six impossible things before breakfast. Exactly what those impossible things were is not stated – so here’s mine, plus four more, that reside in the land of the Biblically ridiculous.

God Kind of Rest

If you would do a study on the Hebrew names in the Bible, you would find that God revealed His entire plan for us before the flood. Beginning with Adam, notice their names and their meanings…

Should Christians Get Tattoos?

Tattooing is a sin against God. Christians should not put tattoo on their bodies even if it is for the gospel.

How Your Church Can Save Money With Rechargeable Batteries

Here’s a way that all churches can save money this year and for years to come. Make the switch to rechargeable batteries.

Reforming the Catholic Church Despite the Pope

Here is what an informed, Critical Catholic can do to stop the downward spiral of the Church. But first you have to accept that the Holy Spirit is going to do all the work.

Patience on the Road

Have you ever gone on a road trip? ย Have you ever gotten lost?

Giving ‘The Gospel’

Can you ‘give the gospel’? Do you even know what it is? In this article I want to explore the key elements of the gospel with some really important verses that will help us. I want us to have confidence that when we talk about Jesus we can tell others exactly what he has done without confusing people and ourselves.

Excuse Me God, But Why Are You Allowing Rockets To Fall On Your Chosen People?

Dear God, Sorry to trouble you; I’m sure you’ve got your hands full with all that’s happening in the world you created in less than a week. Maybe you should have taken a bit longer – at least worked the Saturday; rushing things can lead to unintended consequence.

Taking Apart The Questions About Religion

People have many questions and concerns about religion. Everyday thousands of people flock to the internet for answers to their queries. This article looks at the most common concerns people have about religion.

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