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The Importance of Baptism in Christian Faith


The Importance of Baptism in Christian Faith

Baptism is a central part of Christian faith. It was the way Peter explained how to be saved on the Day of Pentecost to the masses. The word “sozo” means “to restore” or “to heal” in Greek and is associated with salvation and bodily resurrection. The Apostle Paul also was baptized and called on the name of Jesus when he was immersed in the water. In other words, baptism is an essential part of Christian faith and is a symbol of spiritual and physical healing.

As the Bible states, Christian faith requires a lot of time and patience. It demands consecration and wisdom. Personal discipleship requires that we live according to the teachings of Jesus and His Word. We must give our all to God in order to share the good news of God with the world. The implication is that we must preach the message of Jesus to the nations. This is no easy task; however, if we can teach the people to do the same, the world will be a better place for it.

In the bible, the human person is divided into two parts, the body and the soul. The goal of Christ’s mission was to save the soul of mankind and raise the body of the dead. According to the Bible, only about 20-11% of the gospel accounts of Jesus’ public ministry are devoted to reports of physical healing and exorcisms. These are signs that Jesus cares about the ailing. But it’s not just the miracles that matter; it’s the miracles.

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