Pastors from Ukraine helping at the Front Lines during War

Old Testament Bible Study – Getting an Overview

In this article, I will discuss Old Testament Bible study and why it is important to get an overview. And perhaps more importantly, I will discuss how to go about doing this.

Pedophilia Not Confined to Catholic Priests

For some unknown reason, the Catholic Church is the major brunt of this societal sickness, but the numbers do not support this blame. Randomly pick out a public elementary school, for example, and you will find that 15 percent of the young students have been sexually assaulted by school staff, physically or verbally.

Are Jilbabs an Article of Oppression?

The debate about extremism and oppression in Islam against women is a never ending one it seems. This article explores whether jilbabs are an article of oppression.

This Life – 3

Generations of human beings have come and gone and each generation is leaving the world better that they met it. We know that there are a few people here and there who came to destroy and spoil things that other good people are doing or building. The intention of this write-up is to gear you up; to engineer you; to challenge you to be among those human beings who will contribute something of note that will make the coming generation of human beings better and happier than those of this generation.

The Word of Promise – Next Generation Audio Bible

Looking for a way to get your young multi-tasker to relish the scriptures? Today’s teen is looking for now and fast so why not give it to them in a dynamic audio format that will catch their attention.

You Foolish Galatians! Bible Highlighters to Highlight Important Notes in Your Bible

What do Foolish Galatians and bible marking have in common? Well not much but here we review the tools and you have to make the decisions and it’s best to make them from praying about how to spend that hard earned money right?

Praise and Worship Leading in a Small Group

During my career as a praise and worship leader, it has been my privilege to lead worship, sing and play the guitar in a variety of meetings, from huge stadiums filled with tens of thousands of people right through the small home groups, where a few faithful believers gather to worship and fellowship. I’ve been a praise and worship leader in conservative churches as well is in Pentecostal churches and in every sort of church in between, and I’ve done this in my home country of Australia, the US, throughout Asia, Africa and Europe.

Erasable Bible Marking Pens – Consider the Possibilities

For bible marking I have been doing a lot of inquiry combing through a lot of blogs and reviews and this by far is the biggest breakthrough I have had been put up on. I had Someone email me after I checked out her blog and to say the least the extra research I did was mind blowing!

The Well Lived Pastoral Life

It is possible that someone you know and care about is suffering from “clergy burnout.” What is the root cause for an unbalanced life and stress among clergy? According to a study by Austin Presbyterian Seminary, pastors “burnout” because they have a hard time determining priorities for a balanced life involving their congregation, their professional life and their personal life.

Salvation – How to Get Saved

Even though I had called myself a Christian all my life, when I sat staring death in the face I still could not answer that most important of questions, even when it absolutely mattered: “If you were to die this very day, what would actually happen to you?” I truly did not know the answer and to me was totally unacceptable!

Just What is the Pastor’s Role, Anyway?

At every church, there is usually a Board of Directors or some other governing body that hires the pastor, creates a job description and a set of expectations for that pastor, and evaluates how the pastor is doing in their role. These expectations are laid out to the pastor, of course, but unfortunately that’s usually where the conversation stops – and that’s a huge problem. These roles and expectations are often never discussed with the congregation at large.

This Life – 2

Were you created the day you were born or the day your dad’s sperm fertilized the egg inside your mum’s womb? The Bible tells us that Jeremiah was known by God, called by Him and ordained to be a prophet to the nations even before he was formed in his mother’s womb, and I know this is true of many people including you.

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