Paul confronts FALSE prophet – Understanding the book of ACTS part 8

The Parable of the King’s War Plans Made Simple – Luke 14:31-33

Jesus taught that a king who was vastly outnumbered in an impending war if he was wise would make peace with the enemy. We shall look at the meaning Jesus was getting to in this parable here.

Fake Ministers and Miracles (4)

There is another one, very wealthy and influential. He is known everywhere because he is in a very good control of the media and he gathers large followers from all over the world. He is also heavily into international charity activities.

How a State Ministry License Limits God’s Influence in Christian Ministry

To seek a state license in order to work in the vineyard as God’s minister is actually a contradiction. Such a license is a contract between the state and the minister and replaces God’s law with state law when the two conflict. Seeking a ministry license is one example of many where churches seek to be controlled and censored by the state…even though the state could not exercise such control on its own initiative according the the First Amendment to the Constitution. Seeking such a ministry license or pastor license also violates the First Commandment by giving “strange gods” and their requirements priority over God’s law and his requirements.

Christians and Jews and Muslims, Oh My!

“The United States of America is the only country in history to have defined itself as Judeo-Christian,” according to, which goes on to say, “That is why American coins feature these two messages: ‘In G-d we trust’ and ‘Liberty.’ ” I think the first statement is untrue and the second, meant to distinguish us from Christian European nations, is a non-sequitur not logically derived from the first. The “definition” of America as “Judeo-Christian” has a fairly recent history advanced by those who wish it were so.

Why a Marriage License Application and Christian Marriage Are Incompatible

Asking the state to create your marriage according to man-made laws contradicts the First Commandment not to have strange gods before God. A state marriage is a civil contract between three parties…the two spouses and the state with all of its laws governing property and the raising and education of children. A Christian marriage is a contract or covenant between a man and a woman and is governed by God’s law not state law. Recording a witnessed Christian marriage in a Family Bible is legally competent evidence of the marriage and valid for all legal purposes.

Choosing Among Churches For Your Family

For many couples (and single parents too), the arrival of a first child often causes them to rethink their spiritual lives. America is a country of spiritual people, but regular church attendance is not often on the high priority list until there is another little soul to think and worry about. If your family is ready to seek Christian religious direction but you are not bound to any particular denomination, choosing among churches in your community can be confusing and difficult. If the spiritual upbringing of your new child is your main concern, here are some things to look for in Christian communities as you search.

The Truth of False Prophets

Beware of false prophets. What is a false prophet? How can he be identified? How can you not be fooled?

Beck Says Read the Bible – Ready to Change Your Worldview?

On his recent radio shows around the nation Glenn Beck has been telling his listeners to study the Bible. It is refreshing to hear someone who is not a pastor or evangelist calling America to the Book and we can almost hear some saying: it’s about time.

Using Praise and Worship Hymns in Your Service

Far from being the enemy, praise and worship hymns can be your friend and add real life to your church service. But in the modern church, praise and worship hymns often overlooked as being too old and irrelevant to our congregations, but to do this is to neglect one of the greatest musical tools that we have inherited in the church.

Why Billions Of People Who Never Heard of Jesus Christ Will Be Saved!

Most Christians would agree that a person must hear of Jesus Christ and believe in Him to be saved. But what will happen to the billions of people who have never even heard of his name, let alone his saving message? How can they be saved? Read the powerful means that Christ will insure that all will have the opportunity to hear of Him and be saved in his holy kingdom.

Guardian Angels’ Mystifying Existence

You might wonder do Guardian angels exist in the planet and do they really help humans? But the answer is YES. Since ancient times it was a treasured belief of followers of all religions and many have experienced the same in their personal life.

Scientology’s Religious Practices – Are These For You? – Auditing and Training

Being a religion distinct from all different established religions on the planet, Scientology has its personal non secular practices which are principally primed for the non secular growth of an individual. Scientology is not totally different from other religions in its perception in the salvation of the spiritual being. Nevertheless, the principles that govern Scientology’s idea of salvation are very distinct from these practiced by other religions.

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