Phanatik Leaves The Faith??? Alexander Pagani

Divine Favour – Path to Entering Your Rest

One of the various definitions of the word ”favour” that is so striking is ”to prefer someone or something to other things or other people, especially when there are several to choose from” (Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English, New Edition). Another definition says favour is to treat someone better than someone else in an unfair manner. Favour is to place someone as an advantage over other persons. It means to be chosen among equals. It gives you a place that you are not qualify for. It is what makes men to seek to help you without knowing why. This understanding is necessary in order to put this discourse in a proper perspective.

Reaction to the New Roman Missal Is Misplaced Disinterest

Standing alone, the imposition of a new Missal on the Church seems just unnecessary and expensive. But as a part of the “Restoration to Pre-Vatican II Days” strategy it was serious, essential and worth every penny to the Institutional Church, but not to those in the pews.

Does God Choose Us Or Do We Choose God?

Do we choose God or does God choose us? Did God compromise his sovereignty when he gifted man will free will? If God predestines some to heaven and others to hell, does this compromise his loving nature?

Thinking From Another’s Perspective

We all view the world differently. Trying to see the world from another person’s perspective can be challenging, but also enlightening.

Four Areas Churches May Need to Change

Many churches will need to make changes in how they operate if they hope to survive. The challenge is that most material written about change is aimed at larger churches. The things that work for larger churches just do not apply to smaller churches. But there are things that smaller churches can do that will help them over the long term.

The North American Church Is Struggling

The North American church is rapidly changing. Many churches are in decline. Can churches change in order to reach a changing culture without losing their key values in the process?

The Father’s Heart – Breathing Life

As Jesus prepared to go to the Father he mentions to the disciples one of the roles of the Father – to give us the Advocate: the Holy Spirit. As God breathed into the nostrils of Adam in Genesis 2:7 to supply physical life, God breathes into us the power of the Holy Spirit to supply spiritual life.

Hearts and Minds Won, By God’s Will

Some of us do not have the choice to believe in God. We simply must, to survive. Our Lord not only rescued us by Divine mercy and grace, but he made no other way. We cannot go back. We cannot refuse the truth. We cannot not love. We cannot stay in our idolatry and stubbornness. Yet, paradoxically, we are the most poignant of sinners. We are one instance of backsliding away from devastation. This fear of the Lord drives us on in our mission of discipleship.

An 80/20 Rule for Removing Barriers In Discipleship and Evangelism

We have all faced this problem: trying to influence certain people to accept truths that most people would accept easily, and finding deep, unyielding resistance. Whenever we are in the position of needing to influence a critical mass it bodes us well to remember that 10% of the population are early-adopters and, equally, 10% of the population are never-adopters. We can literally waste a lot of time putting our efforts into this collective 20%. Our efforts for influence pay off best when we focus on the critical mass lying within the remaining 80%. Whilst these may not convert easily, they will tend to see the sense in the removal of barriers to things 80% of the population desire improvements on.

For Truth, God Fights

The blessings of God regarding truth, especially as they intercede in each of our lives, are provident in the fight God makes of our situations. We have not just a God, but, in God, an avenger.

Containing the Beast Within

Has not everyone got a little nastiness, a little evil, in them? Just because we repress such evil, often containing it poorly because our awareness is lacking, doesn’t mean it won’t rear its ugly head somehow at the least digestible moment. And perhaps the key point is that God views this beast within us much differently than we do. God isn’t the one inflicting shame on us. God just wants us to understand the beast and to work in the context of it, accepting our bestial, primal urges.

Stamps in My Passport

A passport is necessary to enter another country and should be protected. There is no documentation needed to enter Heaven – only faith in Jesus.

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