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Miracles in Christian History


Miracles in Christian History

The nineteenth century was a time of great growth for the Protestant Church. There were revivals and missionaries in every continent. Thousands of people were converted to the faith. Many claimed to experience a “new birth” and be free of sin and the power of Satan. They also claimed to receive a “second blessing” of being infilled with the Holy Spirit. Some also claimed to be free from sickness.

The New Testament makes baptism an important part of the process of becoming a Christian. On the Day of Pentecost, Peter proclaimed to the crowds how to receive salvation: repent, be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ, and receive the Holy Spirit. The apostle Paul was led to Christ by an angel named Ananias, who exhorted him to be baptized and call on the name of Jesus.

Miracles are controversial in today’s church, but Jesus performed many miracles. His apostles also performed miracles. These miracles are recorded in the New Testament. Some churches try to hide or falsify them. Others pursue them. In any case, Christian history is a history of miracles.

After Christi’s resurrection, the apostles began to establish the church. They preached the gospel and healed many people. They also raised the dead and cast out demons. These miracles were recorded in Matthew and Acts.

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