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When Did the Exodus Occur?

Several years ago, Reader’s Digest had an article about the biblical record of the nation of Israel. The author concluded that it was impossible to identify the time of the Exodus because there were no Egyptian records of them having entered or left Egypt.

Which Miracle Was It? A Fun Bible Game on the Miracles of God

Knowing about God’s amazing miracles can really help your children’s faith grow. Play this fun Bible game to learn more about the Bible’s wonderful miracles…

Half Their Days

The Book of Psalms tells us about the length of our days here on earth. It tells us in chapter 90:10 that: The length of our days is seventy years-or eighty, if we have the strength; yet their span is but trouble and sorrow, for they quickly pass, and we fly away. Some think that seventy or eighty years is a long time. Well yes is some respect, but Moses lived his years unto 120. Now we must understand what a day means. The dictionary explains it as meaning a period of time, a period of ascendancy ( ascendancy meaning dominance, upper hand, authority), and journey.

Women in Jewish Literature

Among the songs of the Bible there are two, belonging to the oldest monuments of poetry, which have preserved the power to inspire and elevate as when they were first uttered: the hymn of praise and thanksgiving sung by Moses and his sister Miriam, and the impassioned song of Deborah, the heroine in Israel. Miriam and Deborah are the first Israelite women whose melody thrilled and even now thrills us-Miriam, the inspired prophetess, pouring forth her people’s joy and sorrow, and Deborah.

Teaching in Church Using Church Media

When Jesus roamed the earth over 2,000 years ago he would teach using illustrations and parables. When he would teach us to not be critical of others He used a parable about removing a board from your own eye before attempting to remove a speck from someone else’s. When He taught about loving your enemies He relayed a parable called the Good Samaritan.

Jewish Fairy Tales

How the wise Rabbis of old took into account the necessities of the little ones, whose minds they understood so perfectly, is obvious from such legends as those dealing with boyish exploits of the great Biblical characters, Abraham, Moses, and David. There is a wealth of delightful imagination in the legends and folk-lore of the Jews of a later period which is almost entirely unknown to children. I have drawn also on these sources for some of the stories here presented. My desire is to give boys and girls something Jewish which they may be able to regard as companion delights to the treasury of general fairy-lore and childish romance.

Cyber-Space Ministry – A Method For Present & Future

I found reassurance recently when I read one of our most respected and time-honoured pastors give his blessing to those, like I, who minister in the ether. Those of us engaged in speaking about God using internet tools like blogs, Facebook and Twitter etc can safely look to our elders who’ve preceded us in this work…

Can Psychology and Religion Follow the Golden Rule?

There is a massive and heated debate over the mingling of Christian theory with psychology. One side argues that Christianity and psychology are not compatible at all while others argue that they are completely compatible. Some counselors are somewhere in the middle, and the number of individuals in this category seems to be growing substantially each year.

Mathematician Declares Moses Had 1 Chance in 479 Million of Getting Bible Creation Account Correct

Science has confirmed twelve events in the Biblical creation account are correct and in the correct order. There is less than one chance in 479 million anyone would just happen to guess this.

Is God Calling You to a Higher Place?

Dan Harwell, the worship leader and associate pastor at my church, has led an interesting life. A story of a man who was called by God to share a message of Shekinah glory with mankind through a book he wrote.

God is Not Responsible For the Bad Things That Happen, So Who Is?

The word good appears seven times in the first chapter of Genesis. Scripture states emphatically that everything God made was good. One of God’s attributes is that He is goodness in perfect form. So why do bad things happen and where does evil come from?

The Reluctant Legalist – Every Christian

Every minister of God walks this particular tightrope, though some might aggressively disagree. Our human nature, apart from God I mean, dictate that from time to time we cross the line, plummeting in the sins of judgment, prejudice and wrongful discrimination, however subtle.

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