Powerful Testimony From Amazon Worker Who Came Against A Demonic Presence

Summing Up the 7 Motifs of Good Works

The “7 Motifs of Good Works” set out to resolve seven injustices known to our world. They promote and ensure: provision; relief; inclusion; forbearance; growth; stewardship; and, grace.

Eluding Endless Theological Arguments

I’m a self-acknowledged theological pacifist. By that I mean I will not senselessly argue theological points back and forth for points – gained or otherwise. I have basically a one-response limit, lacking the tolerance for further possibly “unprofitable” and “useless” banter.

Four Approaches to Interpreting Revelation

There was a time when I believed that there was only one way to interpret the book of Revelation – it was a book of prophecy of things still to come, including amongst other things the rapture of His church by Jesus Christ, followed by a seven year tribulation, and Christ returning to earth for 1000 years. I really didn’t see how the book could be interpreted any other way. However, as my interest in end times literature grew, I discovered that not only was this not the only way of interpreting Revelation, but it was in fact just one of four methods of interpretation.

What Does the Bible Say About Botany?

As you know, botany is the study of plant life. The Bible has much to say about plant life.

Ideas For Sunday School – How to Get Your Students Excited About Learning

Coming up with ideas for Sunday school can be a daunting task. Luckily, we’ve helped you out! This article contains two Sunday school lessons that are sure to excite your students.

Christian Sunday School – Two Ways to Get Your Students Interested and Involved

Christian Sunday school is an opportunity for the young people of the congregation to get a better understanding of their faith and the teachings of the Bible. There are many different, interactive Bible games that you can employ during a typical Sunday school class. Here are two Bible activities for you to utilize.

The Structure of the Bible

This article will take into discussion the structure of the Bible. First thing to begin with, this book is not actually a book but rather a collection of books. It is basically divided into two main parts- the Old Testament and the New Testament respectively.

General Specifications About the Bible

The Bible has been regarded as one of the most important written documents of all times due to its immense influence on humanity’s evolution. Its name derives from the Greek term biblos which means ‘book’, but its origin stems back to the Phoenician denomination of an important port, namely Byblos, known for its papyrus in ancient times.

Who Really Cares About You?

Are there times in your life when you feel like nobody really cares about you? Yes, there are people who may show some concern. But who really knows and understands you? Who really cares and really loves you?

Praying With Rosary Beads – How Should it Be Done?

Throughout this article I will be discussing how people use rosary beads to pray. There are different ways to use rosary beads and I will discuss different ways, and techniques.

Pastors – Steer Into the Shift Or Be Left Behind

Ministry is going through a shift – really, a kind of death (of the pastor-centered approach to ministry) and resurrection (of a team approach). We see it in the numbers: more and more pastors out of work, more and more churches closing their doors, less and less money available for programs and building costs.

Is the Rapture in the Bible?

The Left Behind series made popular the belief that Jesus Christ will return to earth and rapture His church. But is the rapture actually in the Bible, or just the creation of a popular Christian author?

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