Two Pincer Movements Are Crushing The West

It doesn’t take great powers of observation to see how the West is going through great convulsions that have it teetering on the brink of an almost inevitable collapse. New powers are at work determined to advance their goals – goals that are on a high-impact collision course in an intense power struggle. On one hand there is aggressive secularism, and on the other a militant new Islam, both intent on squeezing out the last vestiges of Christianity. We need a clear understanding of this situation, but be careful which lens you use. Here, I am using my biblical Christian worldview.

Living A Life Without Limitations – Part 1

I would like to challenge each of us today to be very conscious of every thought that we have over the next few days. Let us seek to bring into captivity every thought that does not agree with what the Lord has said over us through His word or through a dream or prophetic word. Capture and hold every thought that is negative and critical. Put in prison every thought that limits our life in God. In other words, do not allow ourselves to pity, boast, criticize, or minimize. Rather, let us speak only those things the word of God says. “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. My God shall supply all of my needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.”

Have We Lowered the Bar?

The term “Lowering the Bar” has its roots in athletic competition. The “Bar” is progressively raised. Have we lowered the bar so far that we’ve forgotten our ultimate goal? Or are we striving to lift the bar to new heights?

The New Morality

Western society in the late 20th and early 21st centuries has experienced major changes in prevailing moral standards. How can the church properly relate to people who are living in ways that violate the clear commands of scripture?

Stop Dreaming and Do It Now!

Has the Lord given you a great dream? Are you planning to someday begin the process? What are you waiting for?

Are Your Dreams Faith or Fantasy?

Every person who has normal health and mental function probably also has hopes and dreams for the future. But how can we know that what we hope for is reality or a fantasy?

The Owners of the Instruments

My husband and I once had lunch in the home of two lovely young ladies – sisters – who use their musical gifts in the church where we were working. From them, God gave a beautiful illustration of usefulness.

The Church’s Responsibility

More and more the Church is leaving its foundational base and is leading an outreach based on the human interpretation of the Bible. The Church needs to rearrange its priorities from human editorials of Biblical truths to IT IS WRITTEN.

If There Is Any Conscious Existence After Death, What Is the Destiny of Very Bad People?

In many mythological and religious traditions, hell is a place of judgment i.e. endless torture and punishment for bad conduct during life on earth. But these days, hell has got a big problem and, like the idea of evil, isn’t much talked about outside religious circles. Although many people suppose there may be a dark side to life, they doubt whether a hellish supernatural existence is anything more than the product of medieval imagination. They reasonably cannot see how a God of love could condemn anyone to hellish suffering however bad they had behaved. Nor can they understand how a God of justice could allow anyone to be endlessly punished in hell for any misbehaviour done during a short life-time on earth.

Earthquake, Martial Law Concern Update for June 2

Here’s an apology for false expectations on May 25/26. This updated explanation shows why June 2 could initiate end-times for America.

Who Built the Vatican?

Dictators change things and their form of government is always violent and murderous. So it was with Constantine who established the Catholic Church to work for him and administer control over people of different cultures, languages and prior religions.

A New Vision of Globalization

In his third and final encyclical, Caritas in Veritate, published in 2009, Pope Benedict XVI masterfully placed the complex modern phenomenon of globalization within the clear perspective of Catholic social teaching. This brilliant, exciting, and highly pertinent document presents a revolutionary new vision of globalization to the Church and the modern world.

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