Prayer of Deliverance From Occult, Fear, Wrath, and Addiction

Ten Facts You Need to Know About Creationism

Did you know that literalistic protestant sects existed largely on the fringes of American society until 1920? That William Jennings Bryan accepted the idea that the Earth was very old? That evangelicals in America often reconciled science and scripture by positing that the Genesis of account wasn’t really complete? That the leading advocates of a literalistic reading of Genesis tended to be in small Protestant sects, like the Seventh-Day Adventist Church?

He is Dissatisfying!

Someone asked whether he should consider abandoning atheism and go back to Church. His reason for abandoning the church in the first place was due to his dissatisfaction at the way God was handling situations.

Parshat Vayeira – The Curious Case of Avraham Avinu

All I know is: Something about Parshat Veyeira just doesn’t feel right. Neither the request to slaughter a child, nor the righteous willingness to carry out the decree without protest, leave me with much clarity about what God wants from me.

Randy Paush and Philippians 1:9-11 – Part Two

This article is part two in a series about life lessons from the Randy Paush story and Philippians 1:9-11. When I first heard the Randy Paush story I made an immediate connection with this passage in Philippians. Paush, who learned he was dying from cancer, came to know some things at a deep level in a way that only life can teach.

Trading Christ – There is More Money in it Than You Thought!

Believe it or not, but religion is a wonderful business – at least here in India! The British established the Church in India; of that, there is no doubt. But, they left behind a clan of converted, corrupted and greedy so-called priests and Bishops who are till date exploiting the Church for personal profit. Read on to learn the shocking truth…

2012 Nostradamus Prophecy

Nostradamus made many predictions that some claim to be accurate. Among those of great interest are the End of the World. Are his predictions true? Accurate? Trustworthy?

Baptidzo – But What About Sprinkling?

We have made the point that Bapto and Baptidzo are diverse words that do not share a common meaning and it is therefore wrong to practice Bapto (to dip) but to call it Baptidzo. But, in the same way, dippers criticize those that sprinkle in baptism noting that there is a specific word in Greek for sprinkle; it is rantidzo.

Parshat Vayeishev – What’s Wrong With a Little Favoritism?

But understand: Every child is different. Raising each according to his own needs while not interfering with the needs of another is the ultimate goal. Inability to completely fulfill that goal does not render you exempt from the task of providing for each child accordingly. It just makes life challenging.

Relationship With God – 6 Steps

Building a Relationship with someone takes time. The amount you put in is going to set the tone for that relationship. Have you ever noticed a married couple after years together can start and finish each others sentences…

Mercy For Us Depends on Mercy We Show

The Bible is full of examples where the Lord shows mercy to us, wiping clean our sins and making us whole. However, in Matthew we are told a parable where mercy is taken back from the evil servant, who after being shown mercy, refuses it.

Parshat Lech Lecha – Change We Can Believe In

The Avraham (Abraham) of this week’s parsha, Parshat Lech Lecha, is unique in so many ways. Possibly the most inspiring part of what makes him special was his ability to turn his life completely around, making so much out of so little, with wondrous amounts of success, and an uncanny ability to not look back.

What Does Baptidzo Mean?

And very importantly, what does it not mean? These are critical question that must be asked in order to understand Christian baptism. What is the “act” of Baptism? Indeed, is baptism essentially an “act” at all? Several authors have answered that question in the affirmative and have concluded that it is an act. But which act?

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