Preaching vs. Teaching!

Greater Miracles Than These

Careful study of the Scripture reveals that the miracles that Jesus performed were around the outer man. The greater works that Jesus said would be done by Peter and other Believers dealt with the inner man, not the outer man.

2 Needs You Have of Your Counselling Pastor

COUNSELLING pastors are in the privileged position of caring for the needs of the particularly vulnerable. That mix of caring for the secret needs of people who are compromised is fraught with danger. Think about it; when do people go to see their pastor or counsellor? When life is turned upside down and they don’t know which end is up or how to move forward.

The Word of Your Testimony

The word of your testimony refers to speaking openly the truth of what you have seen or experienced. The root Hebrew meaning of the word ‘testimony’ is also ‘martyr.’ A martyr is someone who would willingly sacrifice his/her life rather than deny the truth.

Jonah’s Big Surprises

Were you ever overcome by surprise? One of the huge surprises of Jonah, the Old Testament prophet, had was to go into the depths of the sea in a huge fish, and then come up and be vomited out on dry land! And how fervently Jonah had prayed in that awful place – wouldn’t you? And the Lord heard him! What happened next is another huge surprise. Watch it unfold.

How the Pope, the Economy and America Are Related

The pope with more gold than anyone, is not like Donald Trump, wanting to help America to do the same. Those who don’t learn from history are destined to repeat it. Trouble for America is impending as money and freedom fade.

Mind Your Talk!

Almost everyone is doing it, and the pace is increasing. Social media and the vast range of mobile telecommunication devices has become a huge global enterprise. This article is to get you thinking about some of the issues behind talking, including the Christian ones.

Biblical End-Times Begin This Fall

A complex of astronomical signs, economic conditions and sabbatical cycles point to this fall and next spring for the biblical end-times. Biblical information indicates the religious year begins in the spring, (Exod 12:2) six months after the civil year begins as currently observed in the fall, starting with Rosh Hashanah-the Feast of Trumpets on the new moon of the 7th month.

Is God a Scientist?

Is there an interface between science and religion? I believe there to be. In this essay, I explore the hotbutton topic of whether science and religion are really so incompatible.

California Missions – Importance

These Spanish missions are 21 in number and form the nucleus of the tourism industry on modern day California. They were built in the 1700’s and their ruins and reconstructed buildings are highly sought after places by the tourists visiting the state of California. They were founded by the Spanish catholic priests who came to the lands of Native Americans with the aim to spread Christianity and to colonize them.

What Do You Mean, Soon?

If Jesus said He is coming soon, should He not be here by now? Examine the possibilities of meanings of these promises of the One Who cannot lie.

Bible Code: Economic Woes, No Free Elections, Rapture Misunderstands the Wedding Parables

The Alpha & Omega Bible Code supports the Exodus [from bondage] as the primary model for all three wedding parables. That model is not about a rapture. Killing babies is one of a dozen parallels that the US has to the greatest nation at the time of the Exodus. Martial law brings plagues to liberate us before “the Bridegroom comes.” The first plague attacked their economy-the Nile River.

A Surprise Sign of God’s People for When the Pope Comes

Happiness is based on relationships described in the 10 Commandments. People who break them-people who lie, steal, kill or commit adultery are not happy people and will not be in heaven. Our salvation also involves our willingness to relate to God on His terms in the 1st table of stone (no other gods, no images, not abusing His name, keeping His appointments-times He set for us to honor Him).

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