Proof for the Existence of God!

Finding Purpose In Meaninglessness

If we are fortunate, in an ironic sort of way, God will bring us to a point of meaninglessness where we have no scaffolding of comfort to rely on but God. This seems especially cruel when we have lived for years innately mission-focused. But many, also, have never found their purpose. Meaninglessness in existence is aberrantly common. Without a shred of masochism we can see there is still much to learn about purpose in meaninglessness. Part of our purpose is finding our way out of meaninglessness and into meaning.

Mockers In The Last Days – A Very Important Word For The Body Of Christ

We are told in the scriptures that in the last days, mockers shall come in unaware and speak evil against Christ and all that is good. The entire book of Jude is directed towards mockers. What is a mocker? A mocker is one who scorns, laughs at, resists, plays with, and imitates, truth. Take the mocking bird for an example, one of which was recorded mocking 83 different bird songs. The mocking bird has been heard mocking cats, squirrels, even the sound of a rusty gate. The bird repeats what it hears. They are aggressive birds, attacking other birds, cats and even men.

Patiently Waiting To Be Understood

It is better to seek to understand than to seek to be understood. We can control what we understand. We cannot control who understands us or how well we are understood. The more we try to understand, the more we will be understood.

Faith When Trust Seems Impossible

I have to admit some guilt at sometimes making faith out to be a simple thing. On the contrary, when we find it difficult to trust, perhaps because few have earned it and some have even damaged it, expressing faith in the movement of life can seem impossible. This is particularly the case when life becomes confounding in its busyness. When we are continually befuddled we don’t have much of a chance to be settled enough to trust. Faith is all about trust.

Must Science and Religion Always be at Odds?

The religious spirit needs material science, to become mature and useful. The scientific endeavor needs religion, to become decent and intelligent.

Do Most Muslims Think Violence Is OK? The Truth

This attitude, of course, is due in part to the Media’s need to print sensationalism: there’s a good story when someone tries to blow people up, but no story at all when someone simply lives their life in peace. And when someone does speak up, this is vastly overshadowed by the next story of violence, or sexual scandal. Since talking about Peace is not controversial, it’s not worth covering.

Who Is Most At Fault For Religious Hatred And Violence?

It is a rather unfair exaggeration to say that religions themselves are the cause of divisiveness and cruelty. It’s what individuals bring to their religions. It’s the psychological, social, moral or immoral stances that people adhere to, and that we often justify by pulling this or that religious statement out of context, or otherwise twisting words and ideas.

Are You Someone Who Wears a Tin Foil Hat?

As an intro I would like to apologise to my regular readers because it’s well over a year since I last produced an article. This is partly due to me waiting patiently for Mr Knight to tackle Google and their satanic algorithm conspiracy thereby leaving my articles with 50% or less of the viewing rates that my articles used to receive. However, it looks as though Mr Knight has as about as much clout and influence with Google as me. Never mind, the owners of Google will receive their just rewards when Yashua Anointed returns to this earth. In the meantime please enjoy my latest article on all things conspiratorial, but with a crucial Biblical flavour.

Pray to God and Never Give Up

Oftentimes, people fail to see their prayers to God answered because they give up too soon. In this article, the author expounds on the importance of persistence when praying to God.

Once A Son, Always A Son

I am often asked the question. “Do you believe ‘once saved, always saved’?” My reply is, “I prefer to say, ‘once a son, always a son.'” Christians are born again, and it’s impossible to be unborn. At times I may be a bad son or a rebellious son, but I am still a son.

The Election

As the election nears, the emotions of Americans are reaching fever pitch as they verbalize their presidential preferences. Christians seem more interested in who should not be the next President. Instead of promoting the positive approach to personal preference, they take the negative road of exposing the flaws of “Gods opponent”.

Five Reasons Why Your Prayers May Not Be Answered

There is a time and a season for everything and we should be aware of that because the timing of the Lord really is different from our own but we should also take in account that there may be other reasons why our prayers are not answered. The timing of God may not have anything to do with the delay of our prayers; it might have something to do with us.

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