PROPHECY: A Beautiful Woman Who Wants To KILL!!!

New Testament Confirmed by Apostolic Writers

We grasp that the Old Testament was confirmed by the New. But where is the confirmation of the New?

Time For Change?

Today, a lot of profound changes are taking place both in our own societies, and in the wider international arena. Compare today with 100 years ago and it looks decidedly old-fashioned, even 20 years ago is looking distinctly faded and jaded; definitely not as up-to-date as the world of 2015! But then we face tensions, when we hear strong voices pushing for change but at the same time telling us don’t expect them to change. What do you make of change, are you satisfied with yourself, or is there anything in the old thought of making a better world?

When God Blesses You, Do You Become a Blessing to Others?

What do you do when God blesses you? Do you share your blessings with others?

The New Testament Endorses the Old

Here are texts, with explanations, that prove that New Testament writers truly believed that the Old Testament came from God. The first century Bible was Trustworthy!

A Prayer in The Evening of My Life

When we are in the evening of our life, we are no longer in the main stream of society, which actively contributes to strengthen the society. We live as passive members, and enjoy our good old memories with our grandchildren. Old age arrives, when we stop creating new memories, as there are no challenging activities to overcome. We have to endeavour to continue as active members of society, till our last day. It will help us to stay healthy, feel less lonely, and our life will be more fulfilling.

Life for Life: Is the Death Penalty Murder?

During the recent Boston Marathon bombing trial for the convicted co-bomber, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, a gentleman outside the courthouse held a sign that said, “Death Penalty Is Murder.” Is the death penalty for convicted murderers really murder?

The Inspiration of Scripture

God-breathed. That is the claim we make about our Bible. Do we believe it?

How Did You Get There?

Have you ever wondered how you got where you are spiritually? How did Truth find its way into your life?

The God Who Speaks

God has been speaking loudly to this Planet for many centuries, but the Planet has not heard. have you heard?

“Don’t Judge, So That You Won’t Be Judged” – Did Jesus Tell Us Not to Rebuke Someone When They Sin?

Jesus Christ said, “Don’t judge, so that you won’t be judged. For with whatever judgment you judge, you will be judged; and with whatever measure you measure, it will be measured to you.” (Matthew 7:1-2, WEB) What did he mean?

The Difference Between The Spirit Of The Universe And The False Gods of Religions

People spend a lifetime searching for the truth when it is right before their eyes. All they need do is turn their back on religions and listen to the little voice within that guides them to the real God and peace.

Reared In Scarlet They Embrace Dunghills

The scarlet garments of religion carry with them the ideas born of the fake gods of Babylon. The symbols, instruments, order of service, laws, calendar, and festivals are also from that city and the cruel savages that built it.

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