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What Is Christianity?


What Is Christianity?

In a very broad sense, christianity is a religion. Christians believe in the divinity of Jesus Christ. According to the Bible, a person is made up of soul and body. It is for this reason that Christ came to save souls, not just bodies, and raised both of them. The word “sozo” refers to bodily resurrection, physical restoration, and salvation. The Sacrament of Anointing the Sick is an excellent instrument of bodily healing and spiritual strengthening.

Unfortunately, this approach has led to the disconnection of many Christians. There are vast numbers of Christians who are no longer connected to the church or Christ. These individuals are often inoculated against the Christian faith and are largely indifferent to its teachings. They are more difficult to reach than people who have never heard of Jesus. The church must change to reach people in this manner. To do this, we must change the way we think about Christianity.

The apostles are the cornerstone of Christianity. Jesus sent them out two by two in order to proclaim his teachings. He also gave them authority over unclean spirits. These apostles were charged with not carrying food or money in their belts or sandals and to shake off the dust as they walked through unfriendly places. As a result, they spread the message of repentance. In their writings, the apostles have preserved the story of Jesus’ first public appearance.

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