Prophet T.B. Joshua’s Lawyer Reveals Why He Never went to court

Miracle Healing in Christianity

Christianity teaches us that God can heal us through the power of His Holy Spirit. The apostle Paul, for example, had been given the gift of healing. He had previously demonstrated the ability to heal people, including Epaphroditus, but his gift of healing did not keep Epaphroditus healthy. Christians are expected to pray for sick people in their churches, and many do. In fact, it is expected that church leaders pray for the sick as part of their job.

But what about healings? The apostles were limited in their scope. They were not given to keep church members healthy. Paul also warns that we shouldn’t use our spiritual weapons, such as swords and scythes, to heal others. But what about our modern idea of healing? How do we know we need spiritual weapons? And why are we so afraid to use them? How can we use them when we don’t understand the ethos of the apostles?

The apostles didn’t perform miracles like feeding the 5,000 or walking on water. Instead, they were given power to heal the sick, cast out demons, and raise the dead. This was to show that they were messengers of God and not mere human beings. It was necessary to prove that they were genuine in order to convince people of their divinity. Those who claimed to be God’s prophets had to be real.

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