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Miracle Healing in Christianity


Miracle Healing in Christianity

The nineteenth century was a time of great growth for Protestant Christianity. Missionaries and revivals spread across every continent. Many Protestants experienced “new birth” experiences of forgiveness from sin. Then, they received a second blessing, the infilling of the Holy Spirit. The experience brought healing from sin and the pollution it causes. Some Christians even reported being free from sickness!

The early Church had a strong focus on healing, which was a part of their ministry. The Bible tells us that healing is possible through prayer and faith. In some cases, people have even left everything behind to follow Jesus. Throughout history, Christians have been known to heal the sick and make them whole.

The charismatic faith of evangelicals is not a decision, but an active commitment. In addition to evangelism, they also insist on persevering in faith among those who have been saved. This is because they know they are engaged in a battle against demonic forces in the end-times. Satan and his demons are real, and they are intent on undermining Christian evangelization of the world.

In addition to prayer and faith, Christian believers believe in sacraments. The sacraments, or holy objects, have healing power. The Catechism teaches that Jesus touched sick people during his ministry and that he continues to heal through the sacraments. The Eucharist, which is the bread of life, is one of the sacraments that manifest the healing power of Jesus Christ.

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