Pt 3

Forget Living On Mars, Christ Is New Life, Now!

All of the great truths by which Christians live, flow from the gospel of Christ. We don’t just leave the gospel behind as we mature in our life of faith. When the apostle Paul wrote to various first-century churches, he shared powerful truths to help establish Christians in their faith and maturity. Paul shared some of the greatest, most glorious subjects we shall ever consider. And you never need to go to Mars to find them! All of them flow from Christ, who is Head over the entire cosmos. But how is Christianity new?

Casting Stones, The Unfaithful Woman

Jesus said to the Pharisees “He who is without sin among you, let him throw a stone at her first.” We all have a past and not one of us can say that we are without any sin and by Jesus commands no one has a right to cast stone at another. Jesus was without sin here on earth and not even He chose to cast stones.

That Hidden Sin

“And there is no creature hidden from His sight, but all things are naked and open the eyes of Him to whom we must give account.” Hebrews 4:13. The verse says it all but we still think that we can hid things from God. King David thought it, Jonah even thought he could hid from the sight of God, No matter what we do or say, our Father who is all mighty can and will see us. God was the first CSI and our sins are never hidden from His sight, He will uncover that in which we have tried to cover-up.

5 Toxic “Mission Habits” of the Western Church

Contrary to popular opinion, not all mission projects are helpful. In fact, many are toxic and can damage the economic and spiritual development of foreign cultures. This article lays out 5 toxic habits of the western church.

Peaceful Coexistence: Within Families, Among Religions And Nations

There is violence all around us. Militants – IS, Boko Haram, Al Qaeda and Al Shabaab – are holding humanity hostage. In democracy the will of the majority prevails. Militants are a small fraction of humanity, who have instilled fear in a common man. Humanity has defaulted too, as we have not been vocal enough to condemn militancy, due to fear or misplaced sympathy towards militants. A common man wants peaceful life for growth of his family. Even militants want prosperity and success for their children. Surprisingly, militants believe in God, but not in His diversity of humanity. We need to educate the militants to respect the God ordained diversity in life.

The Truth About Christian Perfection

Do you truly want to overcome sin? Do you agree that we must be Holy in order to make heaven? You should read this article.

Martial Law: The End of Freedom and a Serious Signal for Bible Believers

In a calamity-prone world, we are one large disaster away from martial law. It can happen easily, due to economic failure, “natural” phenomena, or increasing lawlessness and a gun-grab.

Do You Know What You Are Holding?

I wonder if we really understand what we are holding when we pick up the Holy Book. I am convinced that we know about the Bible, but many of us don’t know the Bible.

Recovering A Larger View Of God

Mega-churches, amazing church staff and exciting programs, are impressive until on reflection so much is religious sociology, fun, buzz, promotion and church-growth statistics. In this scene Christianity is often viewed as a lifestyle, ‘following Jesus’. Surely, this is typical of the best contemporary Christianity, so what’s missing?

What Pleases Your Heavenly Father?

Once you discover what pleases God your Father, you will want to do all that you can to please Him, and you’ll find it’s not hard at all. It pleases Him when you believe His Word and trust in Him simply, like a child.

Apostles Everywhere!

Are there apostles today? There are surely many who are called apostles. But in God’s eyes, are there truly apostles out there?

Bible Images – How to Understand?

Many people feel that a sublime message can be found in sacred writing. Christians believe that Bible images have a holy significance. However, it seems what is spiritual is easier to see in some parts compared with others. Bible images, e.g. symbols of height, can be difficult to fathom. The reason appears to be to do with whether they are used in a positive or negative sense.

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