Pulling Down Strongholds

Sermons Online – How They Can Help

Coming up with a new sermon for your church each Sunday is not always the easiest thing. What should you do when you have those times that nothing seems to come to you? Or those weeks in which you don’t have time to sit down and write a new sermon? Here’s some tips to help.

Oh, Those Modern Bible Translations

There are many modern English translations of the Bible. In simpler times we had only one version of the Bible for English readers: the King James Version (KJV). Today there are dozens of English translations that all purport to be more accurate and readable. The most popular of the modern translations is the New International Version (NIV). Is it necessary to have new English translations of the Bible and is it really better to use one such as the NIV?

H1N1 Swine Flu in the Bible

The Bible was one of the first books to warn mankind about the dangers of Swine Flu in the vernacular that was suited to the people of the time, when scientific exact details would have done nothing more than confuse the readers of the time. Explaining what H1N1 virus and it’s cousins were to the people of the time was useless and counter productive, people today barely understand it and many are still in a state of denial.

Is Society Ready For the Sea Change to Modest Clothes?

Because the concept of school uniforms fit into his overall philosophy he began to think about the concept of the board buying school uniforms. Why did parents want the school system to require their children to wear uniforms?

The Secret of the Lord – Discover the Key to the Treasures of Life!

Would you like God to share His secret with you? Discover if you qualify and learn how to get the key to His good treasures!

Against Originality

We are taught in our schools, colleges, universities and through the media that being human means being original, that we become most human when we are most original. Indeed, Humanism is the celebration of original thinkers as embodying the best that humanity has to offer. Artists will know what I’m talking about. But the Bible teaches that human beings were created in God’s image. We are not originals, but some sort of copies of the Original.

From Sub-Standard Player to Winningest Coach – Phil Jackson – Role Model, Motivator

Christianity has a perennial problem: the inability of powerful teachers to extract the millions of philosophical gems deeply embedded beneath religious doctrinal icebergs. Whenever a person immerses him/her self in obedient principles, the surrounding positive energies that you cultivate in that pursuit, envelops or shields you from failure.

Some Free Bible Study Materials Can Be Tricky! Be Careful!

If you go online looking specifically for free Bible study materials, it is critical that what you choose lines up with Scripture. Prayer for wisdom and discernment ought to be the beginning of your search.

When Facing a Crisis, Have You Ever Had These Three Thoughts?

Are you wondering why you seem to be targeted for physical, emotional or financial doom? Have you ever had these three thoughts?

Raksha Bandhan – A Purely Hindu Festival & Symbol of Togetherness

India is globally known for its rich cultural heritage and colorful festivals and fairs. Raksha Bandhan, being one of the most popular occasion, is purely a Hindu festival that stands for the pious relation of brothers and sisters. This relation of a brother and a sister is considered as the best relation of humanity. According to Hindu calendar, every year the festival falls on the full moon day of Shravana.

Why is the Number Twelve So Prevalent in Both the New and Old Testament? The Answer May Surprise You

The number twelve is not only prevalent in both the New and Old Testaments, but in many other places as well. The answers are not as easy as you think.

Did the Ten Commandments Come Directly From God Or Are They the Result of Social Engineering?

What exactly are the origins of the Ten Commandments? They have worked for several thousand years to keep society functioning peacefully. Their origins may surprise you.

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