The Sermon That Walked

We know the power of example, all of us do. Certainly both our negative and positive example has a ripple effect. We could go so far as to say that without example we have no vested power of God to see transformations occur in Jesus’ name. Everything we say and do bears a constant scrutiny. And everything we think has potential to spill into the world of action.

Isaiah 33 – Deliverance Will Come!

The beauty in God’s judgment is that it prevails for the obedient oppressed. By our oppression our weakness is our strength. Wait and see; see what the LORD is doing, yes even now. The LORD is coming with a mighty vengeance.

What Happens When Love Transforms

Love transforms lives. What ‘was’ isn’t any more. When love comes into our lives by the Holy Spirit we’re changed, revived from death, renewed to life and life abundant.

One Important Reason Not to Judge

In the Christian world it is very unbecoming to judge. Those who will judge, who engage in conflict easily, are spiritually short-sighted (as we all tend to be from time to time), and don’t respect the suffering that others have been through or are going through.

Exposing Darkness, Embracing Light

It wasn’t just in my childhood that I was afraid of the dark. Many times, while staying in Hotel rooms by myself as I travelled around for work, I would leave the bathroom light on. I could say a big part of the reason was needing to be able to find my way around the room in the middle of the night. But there was always something more to it; I felt vulnerable in a strange place by myself…

The Sameness Between the ‘Gospel of the Kingdom’ and the ‘Everlasting Gospel’ of Revelation 14

The vision of John in Revelation 14 is essentially about the introduction of the 144000, the preaching of the three angels’ message, and the consequent reaping of a harvest. It is quite interesting that the Bible categorize the first of the three messages as the everlasting gospel. It is said to be the gospel that will be preached to every nation, kindred, tongue, and people.

Special ‘Delivery’

There’s a not-too-subtle difference between ‘deliverance’ and ‘delivered.’ As a matter of fact, it’s as wide a gap as there is between ‘poor’ and ‘rich.’

A Born Winner

Ever heard of “born losers”? They’re actually more widespread than you may think. But we’re not going to talk about them.

Unveiled Faces

The old covenant had a fading glory. But the glory of the new covenant is an ever-increasing glory. To live in the glory of the new covenant we need to read the Bible with unveiled faces

The Ouija Board – How Does It Work?

The Ouija board is one of the a tools that Satan uses especially with young people to introduce them into the world of the occult and the supernatural. Anything we ever need to know about our past, present and future should be consulted with through God.

What Is Crystal Gazing?

The term crystal gazing is a form of seeing visions by the means of using several different objects. There are several schools of thought as to the sources of the visions seen in the crystal gazing trance.

Jesus Is The Morning Star

Jesus is the light of the morning that takes away darkness. Anywhere the light of Christ shines, it will penetrate and remove darkness.

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