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In God We Trust

As a society, we have lost faith and trust in other people. The news broadcasts stories everyday about how many betrays another man. Even, Peter denied that he knew Jesus before final day.

Opinion: Serving the People

Our present governmental system is in a state of disarray and decay. What is needed to correct this problem is a return to the mandate: ‘serve the people-instead of serving self.’

James Tells It Like It Is

Any Christian who sincerely studies the Bible, knows that the book of James is probably the most challenging of all books in the Bible.  James could be considered a “how to book” telling the Christian how they are supposed to live.  He challenges the Christian to not only make a commitment to Christ, but also to show their faith to the world by the works they do, primarily through service to others.

Being a Christian Is a Life Long Battle

Even though Christ forgives our sins and we commit to follow His commandments, it is still a struggle to live as we are directed through God’s Word. We will fail from time to time, but He is faithful to be with us and guide us through the battles of life. He equips us with everything we need.

Knowing the Intimate Christ

Knowing the intimate Christ is making ourselves available mentally, emotionally, and spiritually for the most important relationship of our lives. Such knowledge is about letting the Spirit of God tap into our psyches via our surrendered obedience. This is allowing intimacy with God to take place. That can only occur when we live and breathe for it. God never limits intimacy with us; it is only us that limit our intimacy with him.

God Wants Your Love Too

How do we show our love to God? We can’t write Him a letter. We can’t give Him a hug. Fortunately, God left us the answer in a love letter…

Christ Our All, Our Light

Perspective is crucial in the spiritual life. Two great threats are spiritual naivety and spiritual darkness. When we make room for Christ’s Light we see more truthfully.

God Is Up to Something

Oh yes as my Senior Pastor says all the time “God is up to something.” This is evident in by just surfing the internet and watching news on TV. God is changing lives and performing miracles for believers all across the land.

A Broken Life Leads to Spiritual Redemption

My life was in ruins, I was on the verge of suicide and abandoned God because he had abandoned me. That is what I thought anyway. Yes my life was in a complete tailspin, and I could recover from it…

Olympic Games, Fear And Crumbling Civilization

How do you see our Western civilization – moving towards a free and enlightened prosperous future, or crumbling, tottering like the Berlin Wall or ancient Rome before they both fell? And when you see the largest warship in the British Navy, replete with missiles – an immense show of military power, cruising up London’s river Thames, you soon see that beyond the competitive sport of the London Olympics there are other issues at stake – the fear of terrorism and mass destruction wreaking havoc on the world’s greatest sporting event. In that dramatic security response we see epitomised an awful tension: mankind’s thirst for pleasure and his fear-wracked mind that someone else has another goal – to ruin his enjoyment and destroy the fragile fabric of the developed world.

The Cure for Worry

Worry is a hard habit to break. However, it is worth the effort to leave it behind and replace it with productive living.

The Grace Test

Are you a legalist? How can you tell? The grace test will help you discover if you are!

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