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Psalm 75 – The Humble Will Rejoice Forever

This psalm could just as easily be titled, The Boastful Will Be Judged… What more fundamental a theme could we find as an undercurrent through all divinity and Scripture than that of rebuke over boasting – the setting up of a personal exaltation? It is an abomination of the first degree; the replacement of God, against the First Commandment; the placement of one creation over the Creator.

The Creation of Man

I was always told that Adam and Eve were the first humans created and they were to go forth and multiply to fill the earth. According to the Bible, it was on the sixth day that God created humans and then rested the seventh day. (Gen. 1:26-31) At some point after the seventh day of rest Adam was created from dust and mist and a garden is planted in the east part of the land called Eden. Unlike the sixth day when humans were created; Eve was later created to join him and was made from a rib and not dust. It does not say anywhere in the Bible that Adam and Eve were told to go forth and multiply.

Seeing Jesus in Visions – Not Just for Prophets

There are many Christians in the world that confess Jesus Christ as their Saviour, fewer who confess Him as Lord and Master, fewer still who confess to having two-way conversations with Him, and fewer still who could be considered a modern-day prophet who not only hears Jesus but sees Him regularly in visions. But you need not be a prophet to know Jesus in this way. Jesus promised His disciples that they would see Him again, and many people saw Jesus in visions in the book of Acts and the accounts of the early Fathers, so why not you and me?

Doomsday Prophets Make a Bad Name for Prophetic Words – Even If They Are True Words

After 16 years of reading the Old Testament prophets in conjunction with the book of Revelation, the last book of the New Testament, you would think that I had a good hold of what was to come upon the earth and what we as Christians need to do about it. What I didn’t know was that Jesus, through His life, death, and resurrection, has changed the way God looks at Christians and the world now; with this change comes a change in the office of prophet.

The Law of Christ

A highest degree of well-founded expectation of good comes from again our faith and belief in God, His Son and His word. Our hope and faith come from this well founded expectation of good coming from God, in reading and studying Gods word to show ourselves approved.

Sadaqah Is About Love For God

Sadaqah (sadaqa, saddka, sedekah) is an Islamic term that means voluntary charity for the cause of Allah. This concept encompasses any act of giving out of compassion, love, friendship and generosity. Sadaqah should be given solely out of love for God, out of the desire to do good to His creation. Giving sadaqah will not diminish a Muslim’s wealth. It serves as a sign of gratitude to Allah and yields rewards in the next life.

The Deafening Silence Of Praise

The shape of praise is formed by thankfulness; it might be considered the product of gratitude. Being thankful forms the ever-mouldable attitude of heart as it conjures thought for what might be praised. Praise and thankfulness, therefore, are a chicken-or-the-egg scenario; which comes first, and why, are irrelevant. They must just be entered into for the best of life to be achieved.

Why Religious Intolerance Has No Place

Intolerance has no place in the Christian’s armoury of opinion. What people believe, regarding God or any other thing, is up to them. A Christian’s love respects such a space as another person’s belief-realm. That is the unconditional Christian premise.

Christianity – How to Worship at Church

Church music can be boring. This article addresses this issue. What should we do about Church music? Your guide in how to have an edge in praise and worship! Are you ready to “upgrade” Church worship?

Life Vs Afterlife

In these modern times when the world is in such chaos and turmoil one can’t help but start to ponder: is there nothing more we have to look forward to? Is this our life, then that’s it, all over?

Under God and Indivisible

As much we all may want to be seen as our own unique person in this world, capable of helping ourselves, the evidence is strong that we are missing something; that we need something more. I see desperation in the eyes and faces of people I know and have met that suggest to me we are not meant to be a society of individuals but should be together as one, as in “One nation, under God, indivisible”. Are not the those the very words written in our nations constitution? I think our forefathers were very wise; they understood the importance of working together for success, and the value of supporting each other through life’s problems with God as our problem solver.

Are You Afraid of God?

Actually, the question you should be asking yourself is, ‘Am I afraid of God, or do I fear God?’ There is actually a difference where God is concerned. And the answer to that question has eternal consequences for you…

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