When Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

It came as a surprise for us to acknowledge, but the end of our small group was difficult, much because we sensed the closeness we had always wanted had now become ours. Breaking up to allow new beginnings was important, but we would miss – dearly miss – this group that had served some for up to eight years.

Assurance Of Salvation And Song

Christianity is inseparable from song; indeed we might say that song flows directly from the gospel as burdens of guilt are lifted and hearts break into song. Who, after all, accepting the good news of sins forgiven, would not wish to give joyful thanks to God? How about you – have you an assurance of salvation that stirs thanks to God for his great mercy?

What Does Jeremiah 29:11 Mean?

Jeremiah 29:11 tells us that God has a wonderful plan, in store, for everyone. Therefore, you don’t need to feel disappointed with your life.

Belonging in God’s Power

Rwanda was a bad place to be for the Tutsi people in 1994. Hutu extremists, who were responding to fears surrounding a Tutsi power struggle, massacred hundreds of thousands of Tutsi, as well as Hutu peacemakers, over a 100-day period. This was one of the worst genocides in the history of the world. It destroyed families and the ongoing social impacts within the Rwandan cultural landscape continue to be felt as countless orphaned children learned to grow up as a lost people with a shattered past.

Cemented In Covenants

Spiritual covenants are promises made between man and God. By following these covenants God blesses us with help in our lives, and, if we endure to the end, we will live with Him again.

The Prevailing Word

We look back at past experiences and wonder how we could have been so near sighted as to not have seen the big picture. 20/20 vision can sometimes be detrimental to our Christian walk. We see things as they are, not what they can be through faith.

Tata Dongo Remi: Bringing Voodoo From the Congo to Belgium

This week we are looking at someone with plenty in common with our own resident priest, as he too comes from a long line of voodoo practitioners who started their work in Africa before taking the calling with them to operate farther afield. This week we are talking about Tata Dongo Remi, the man who took voodoo from the darkest depths of the Congo into the centre of Europe.

Voodoo Priest Max Gesner Beavoir

Continuing our exploration of famous Voodoo Priests and Priestesses we start a new collection of voodoo practitioners who are still living today. First up, is Max Gesner Beavoir, a gentleman who combines scientific study with religious practice.

Voodoo Priest Pa Neezer

Continuing our profile of Voodoo priests, this article explores the history of Pa Neezer, a contemporary Voodoo Priest and Obeah Man from Trinidad. In this, our third installment we are looking at a man from more modern times, proving that even in the modern era Voodoo is still relevant.

Easter and the Bars of Iron

Easter is when people confuse fertility rites with those of religious worship about a man who died on a cross. It is also the mainstay of the bars of iron or the jail of their imagination that have trapped the Children of God.

Nearing the End of Days

As the end looms and people see it the Spirit will keep its promises and many will flee from the things that have caused it. Mysteries, fraud, corruption, religious myths, greed and many other faults of humanity have angered God. Some will pay a hefty price for what they have done.

Emperor Constantine and the Dark Mountains

The dark mountains are mentioned several times in the bible. They are the places where people accumulate to hear stories of false gods and promises. At the end of day they will fall down and those trapped within will be freed.

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