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Explosive Revival Secrets – Let the Giants Fall

God, give us revival, or we’ll die. Do you know of anyone praying like this today, in our new age, modern culture? We have big name evangelist and pastors scattered across the nation. Some have many thousands in their congregation. They have the finest robed choir and fly the ultra jets. Millions in their bank account. This is not what brings revival.

Everything You Need to Know About Freemasonry and Freemasons

Freemasonry is by far not a new organization or religious group. Its been around for many many years although having slight variation in names according to the country and state they are related to. It’s an organization that has always had a mysticism attached to it as the participants do not openly discuss the intricate workings of their organization.

As a Christian, Can I Be a Freemason? A Look at Masonic Lodges & Temples

One of the biggest contentions amongst Freemasons and anti Masons has been the conception that any Christian that is a Mason is not allowed to pray in the Lodge. The retort to this is yes they can its just that there is not one specific Christian prayer or any prayer that tie to a specific religion for that matter. There is a specific Lodge prayer that all members must adhere to including Christians. What they are alluding to is one prayer, theirs, fits all religions.

The Plague of Justinian and the Emergence of Christianity

I am Yersennia pestis, a bacterium probably directly responsible for the fall of the Roman Empire, the emergence of the fledgling religion of Christianity, the budding power of the desert Arabs and if that wasn’t enough, I caused the virtual destruction of the learned field of Greek and Roman Medicine. No small accomplishments for a mere bacterium, you might say, but I suppose before I take all the credit I also had the help of a flea and a handsome black rat.

Being a Worship Leader – How Long Should You Lead For?

For worship leaders everywhere, this is a typical question: How long should you lead worship for? While we all wish to be flexible to permit the Lord to work in our church worship service, we will not escape the fact that everybody has an opinion as to how long a worship service should be.

You, Self-Help Books, And Christian Books

The combination of Christian and non Christian self help books kept me quite confused. Read why the worldly methods for gaining prosperity usually end in failure…

The Kingdom Mandate

Let me ask you something: when you go to work, do you leave your Christianity at the door, or does your faith influence how you do your job? I’m not talking about personal piety: don’t cheat, don’t lie, don’t steal. These are good things and certainty every Christian should be a totally honest employee. But Christianity is not concerned with personal piety alone. Christianity is a world view and is concerned with more than just the individual.

Jesus, Son of Abraham

One of the things that Christians tend to forget is that we share a common history with the Jewish people. Gordon Fee once wrote that, “as Christians the Old Testament is (our) spiritual history. The promises and calling of God to Israel are (our) historical promises and calling (Gal. 3:29).” Hence it is important that we understand what the Bible has to say about the human ancestry of our Lord Jesus Christ. For instance, the apostle Matthew tells us that Jesus is the “son of Abraham” (Matt. 1:1). Too often we read those words and never consider the implications that they have for our faith.

Your Praise is Tied to Your Harvest!

When you are singing and praising the Lord this makes the enemy really mad. When next the enemy tries to make you sad and down cast because of fruit of the womb or miscarriage, get out your dancing shoes and give God a “dance offering” Let the Lord know that you appreciate Him and that you are fully persuaded that what He has promised you, He is able also to perform.

Divorce That Causes Adultery – Matthew 5:31-32

This is a hard teaching. I have asked the Lord and he won’t let me share it any other way. This is one thing that I really don’t want to share in this message, yet the Lord Jesus compels me to say it.

Good Works’ Seven Motifs

Real Christianity is about good works; that being works driven from a genuine ‘justified’ faith, or good faith as foundational for the works of love. Now good works can be defined according to seven motifs: provision, relief, inclusion, forbearance, growth, stewardship, and grace.

You Need the Repent of the Jezebel Spirit

There is coming a time when having the Jezebel spirit in your life is going to have you die a very nasty sort of death. It is best if you have this spirit to repent and walk free of this spirit.

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