Baptism Rosary Favors

For your child’s Baptism, a perfect memento to leave guests with is a rosary favor, which can be personalized for your baby and reminds everyone of the religious celebration. This article will review the types of rosaries available, packaging, and distribution of the favors.

Sunday School Lessons – Learning the Creation Story

The creation story is a central component in Sunday school lessons for any age group. One great way to teach the creation story to the pre-school age group is through a garden unit. A Sunday school garden unit goes through the different elements – air, water, and soil – and explains how God created everything to work together in harmony.

The Last Message of Daniel – 1: Overview of Daniel

Daniel may well be one of your favorite Bible books. But most of us zero in on those heroic stories in the first few chapters. Have you ever read his last prophecy? You’ll never think the same…

Hope – An Essential Christian Ingredient

There are many essential ingredients of the Christian faith that are important to us. The apostle Paul mentions three of these in the thirteenth chapter of I Corinthians; faith, hope and love. Do we need hope in these days? Most definitely we need hope!

The Last Message of Daniel – 2 – A Defense of Daniel

This book seems too good to be true for many. It’s like most of the things and people and words of God. This is just too amazing. Too miraculous. Too wonderful. Therefore, these illogical people theorize, it cannot be valid! What sense does that make?

The Beginning of Wisdom!

On a street interview we would find that most people believe in heaven and hell, and that everyone understands that we ought to be good to go to heaven. Many are even convinced that they will go to heaven because of their behavior, but most often except for Christians no one can give a straight answer to the question: how do we go to heaven?

6 Lessons We Can Take From the Prodigal Son About God’s Love for Us – Do You Know Them?

At one time or another, we have been prodigal sons in our lives. I want to focus on this teaching so that we can learn something about what Jesus actually meant in the parable of the prodigal son.

Some Inspiration to Follow Christ From a Fresh Look at Who He Was

I want us to look at the work of Jesus in new light. Later, we shall focus on our lives and see whether we can be like, by taking cue of his achievements on earth.

The Remarkable John the Baptist – Have You Seen Him in This Light?

I have always been fascinated by the gospel of Jesus Christ; it focuses on the life, the works and the crucifixion of Christ. Such a remarkable achievement by Christ in a mere 32 years lifetime is of significance. For now, kindly allow me to talk about one of his would-be disciple; the gospel books wrote about him and the his general perception of Christ.

What Are You Doing With the Talents God Gave You – Lessons From the Parable of the Talents

We all at one time or another heard of the parable of Talents. I wish to summarize the great lesson about this story; you never where you fit into the scheme of things The three men went to their wise master and received talents; one received five of them and told to go out and multiply it tenfold; the other was Given two talents and sent on a similar mission; the third received one and told the same. The master then left for a far away journey.

The Excellence of Knowing Christ – My Testimony to Christ

I have been inspired by Christ in so many ways. I feel as though I would be doing myself a big disservice if I failed to speak about what Christ has done for me. Any of my works here would not reflect the true spirit of Him unless I speak of his magnificent benevolence.

Have You Missed the Message That John the Baptist Brought to the World 2000 Years Ago?

You have heard people say, “Do no shoot the messenger, grab the message.” We all know of this popular one liner. In this story, I want to focus on John the Baptist, how he delivered the message and what transpired.

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