Becoming a Unitarian Universalist

This article will tell us about becoming a Unitarian Universalist. It will give us the steps on how to become one.

Converting to Catholicism

Are you planning on being converted to Catholicism? This article will give us a complete guide on how converting to Catholicism is done.

Purpose of Christian Schools

This article will tell us about the purpose of Christian schools and why it is one of the leading educational institutions. It will give us more insight about the issue.

Not Attend Church and Still Worship God

There are so many ways we can worship God without attending or going to church. Most people can be active at church during Sundays but they do not really read the bible on the entire week.

Planning For a Buddhist Wedding

In this article we will find out how the Buddhist people plan for their wedding. Read on the articles and learn how planning for a Buddhist wedding is done.

Defending Evolution Against Creationism

First of all, let us define the two. Evolution is the belief in science. It is what the scientist says about the existence of humans on earth. It is because of the ancient organisms thousands, or probably millions of years ago, and has later developed into new species.

Different Types of Religion

Religion is not only about the belief of a person. It is actually something that adds meaning and purpose to one’s life. Believing in a kind of religion gives us the gift of appreciating the past, understanding the present, and hoping for the future. Imagine a life that is of meaning, and hope.

Recognizing Our Relationship With God

Have you been wondering about the relationship you have with God? Maybe in one way or another, you are thinking if you actually have a good relationship with Him. God is not there for us to fear of Him, but He is offering a deeper relationship with us. All we need to do is accept Him in our hearts and live the way He wants us to.

Tithing – The Biblical Perspective – Part 3 of 3

Jesus is the final High Priest, the final atonement for sin, the final sacrifice. Jesus fulfilled the scripture, and there is no longer a need for Levite priests, blood sacrifices, and subsequently tithes. Jesus ushered in Grace. Through Jesus we are restored to grace and operate in grace following the Spirit.

Tithing – The Biblical Perspective – Part 2 of 3

Firstly we must stipulate the New Testament is the account of Jesus, his ministry and the church as established by him. Further we stipulate that this account establishes the new covenant between God and his people. It is important we do not discount the Old Testament in anyway and acknowledge the bible as a whole not in part.

Tithing – The Biblical Perspective – Part 1 of 3 Part Series

Tithing is incorrectly presented to the current day church as a principle. The principle is presented as a platform for prosperity. The platform is predicated as financial specifically money. To understand the fallacy of this “pitch” or prosperity Gospel” we must first define and understand the origin of tithing. rinciple. The principle is presented as a platform for prosperity. The platform is predicated as financial specifically money.

Ignatius of Loyola Forms the Society of Jesus – The Jesuits

The first draft of the Jesuit Constitution was approved and it was time for the little company to elect a superior. Ignatius called all the members in Italy, to come together for this holy purpose, during the holiest times of the year, Lent. Those who were far away in foreign lands, sent their votes back in sealed envelopes. The only one who abstained from voting was Ignatius, who did not want to show favor for one above the others.

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