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Seven Keys to Getting Closer to God and Feeling His Manifest Presence in Your Life

Some people seem to walk in the manifest presence of the Lord Jesus. Some people no matter how life serves up hard times still seem to have Jesus’ presence and peace in their life. What are the keys to this sort of life?

Will the Two Witnesses of Revelation Publish a Book Before They Come to Power?

There are many people out there that have written commentaries on the Book of Revelation and who are declaring themselves to be one of the Two witnesses of Revelation 11. Let us explore this.

Everybody Has One

There’s a lot of talk these days about keeping religion in its proper place – chatter about religion being a purely personal thing and how folks should keep it that way. The truth is it’s impossible to keep your religion “purely personal.” Your religion is what impels you it’s what your entire life is founded on. Religion is your world-view, your philosophy of life, your controlling beliefs. In other words, everyone has a religion and everyone wears their religion on their sleeve whether they care to admit it or not.

America Has a Dream

America has a dream and so do I! We all do as a matter of fact. There is something going around the entire world right now that has brought the nation’s attention to those dreams. It is threatening our very existence. Our purpose, our dreams, our goals, are some- how being manipulated and directed in such a way that there is no room for us to dream anymore. The effect is a greater sense of insecurity.

Trinity – The State

Unity and diversity in harmony: is such a thing possible in the political realm? In truth, Humanity will never be able to flawlessly balance the aspects of union and independence in the civil realm. Indeed, as imperfect beings we are not capable of perfectly imitating the relationship of our Triune God in any of the primary institutions of human association.

Let Us Not Love in Word Or in Tongue, But in Deed and in Truth – 1 John 3:16-18

There are so many people who call themselves followers of Jesus Christ who ignore the plight of the poor in their midst. John calls us to a life where we lay down our life for the brethren. Read more…

Focus – Tips on Staying Focused When Results to Prayers Do Not Seem Like Answers

It’s always a giant step to believe, to trust, and to have faith instead of dwelling on what you are not seeing as an answer to your prayers or desires. It’s easy to fall into a negative trap that way. There are times when the results of our answers are not what we want. We might even say that God isn’t responding to our prayer. Saying that God is not responding is like saying the grass isn’t growing or that spring isn’t coming this year.

Set Your Mind on Things of Above, Not on Things of the Earth – Colossians 3 – 1-2

We live in a world where very few people have their eyes on the things of heaven. People are very much distracted by all the things of earth and life on earth. It takes real discipline to steal your heart away from things of this world and concentrate on things that last forever. Read on.

Understanding the Yolk

The yoke that Christ speaks of in this verse is symbolic. In the life and times of Christ, His occupation was that of a carpenter. In those days the chief product of these craftsmen was not building homes but rather fitting and making yokes for the oxen.

Where Did the Holy Bible Come From, And Should Christians Believe it is Jesus’ Truth of God?

Should we dare question our faith? How do you know the truth? Why is God hidden from man?

Was Jesus Really Meek and Mild?

I’ve always heard from folks that Jesus was soft and gentle. Based on how folks presented Him, I often saw Him in my head as sitting in a church pew with His hands folded and head bowed. And when He would walk around it was slow and soft. He rarely said much and when He did He spoke very softly.

First Holy Communion Explained

For Roman Catholics, Holy Communion is one of the three sacraments of initiation. Generally, children receive this sacrament at the age of seven or eight, when they have gained the ability to reason. This is the first of the sacraments of initiation that must involve the individual making a conscious choice to grow in his or her Catholic faith.

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