Ressurrection Sunday | 9:00 AM

The Serpents Deceit Strategy

In the creation story, God specifically commanded the man not to eat of the tree of knowledge of good and evil or else he would surely die(in order words the tree was not good for eating it was evil).However, Satan the master of deception convinced eve that what God called evil was actually good for her.Foolishly,she believed satan and chose to eat the forbidden fruit.

The Moral Code of Buddhism – The Five Precepts

Buddhism is not just a religion, but also a discipline and a way of life that encourages people to follow certain guidelines to help them conquer suffering. Buddha’s teachings are about being peaceful, righteous and thoughtful. The Five Precepts of Buddhism are actually the gist of the teachings and a moral guideline that people can follow.

My Definition Of Religion

Coming from an African background I have seen, experienced and studied a wide array of religious beliefs. I will start with my tribe which is the Krios of Sierra Leone.

What Are You Looking Forward To?

There are people who get so low that the feel like they have nothing to look forward to. Day after day it seems to them that nothing ever changes. They just don’t see how things can get any better.

Laboratory Attempts to Create Life – Claims, Then Retractions – But Still Believed Today!

Stanley Miller, a graduate student at the University of Chicago in 1953, experimented with the creation of life in his laboratory by simulating Earth’s atmosphere of 3.8 billion years ago (ammonia, methane, hydrogen and water vapor), using electric sparks to simulate lightning. The experiment produced a reddish “slime”, only a simple inorganic compound, with no life or subsequent development, but Miller’s experiment was widely reported – and erroneously interpreted – as proof that life could have started similarly – naturally and by chance.

What is Spiritual Warfare?

Many people are unaware of the war that is raging in the spirit realm. Unlike the physical wars, it does not just last for a few years: rather, it has been going on almost since creation. It does not involve guns and rockets and bombs, although the enemy may influence people to use them. It’s cost is not measured in dollars, pounds or euros, but in human lives. And it does not involve many armies, but just two: the army of God, and the army of Satan.

Why is There Something Rather Than Nothing? An Inquiry Into the Existence of God

A philosophical examination of the nature of existence and the possibility of God. A perspective on the timeless, primal philosophical inquiry into why is there something rather than nothing.

The Story of Chosun, Part 26

Never was there a year like 1883 in Korea. So say the historians.

The Story of Chosun, Part 24

Korea is experiencing more and more of the new world. America. Romanism. Europe. Which way to turn?

The Joy of Knowing

Faith, or belief, can lead to rare moments of knowing. I mean an unquestioned awareness of the ultimate reality, that God reigns in glory and that His power and His love are beyond any description.

Why Should You Study the Old Testament

What’s so important about the Old Testament? Should we even be reading it today? Studying the Old Testament is important because: it tells the story of redemptive history it reveals God, and it gives us vicarious experience.

The Gospel According to Tal Brooke

Tal Brooke went on a great search for enlightenment. His four guides were a psychiatrist, LSD drugs, Sai Baba and Missionaries to India, Mr. and Mrs. Carroll. He then verified the contentions of the Carrolls by reading the Bible. When he came to Christ, he had a “soul-shaking” experience. In 1990 he wrote a 400 page AVATAR OF NIGHT.

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