The Top 6 Reasons Your Church Should Be Using WordPress!

Is your church on a tight budget, but still need a web presence? Or do you already have a church website, but want to have something that is easier to manage and maintain? Perhaps you should be thinking about WordPress.

Christian Tithing – Separating Fact From Fiction

Many Christian preachers say that churchgoers must pay tithes in order to receive health, wealth and prosperity. However, this is not what the Bible says. Contrary to popular belief there is no biblical scripture promising Christians blessings in exchange for paying tithes. Discover what the Bible really says about tithing.

But With God All Things Are Possible

Jesus said that it would be easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven. How big a needle are we talking about?

Amma the Divine Mother – The Feminine Aspect of God

As women began to take an active role in public religious and spiritual life, the discussion of God as Mother has arisen. It is natural that this would happen. Any interpretation of God is done from the beliefs of a human; therefore, views of God are almost always anthropomorphic. A woman would want to investigate her understanding of God from her own feminine perspective.

StreetLevel, the Church of Robbin and Paul Moulds of the Oasis Documentary on ABC TV, 2008

If you live in Australia and you watch ABC TV you may have seen the documentary called The Oasis. The Oasis centre is a homeless refuge catering to the homeless youth in the inner city Suburb of Surry Hills. The officer of the Salvation Army, Paul Moulds is its head, and Robbin Moulds, his wife, heads up StreetLevel community centre and StreetLevel church, just down from the corner of Crown and Albion Streets in Surry Hills, Sydney. This is a review of this church that I have attended for coming up to three years now. Read on…

A List of Sins That Will Take You to Hell If You Practice Them As a Christian

The modern church has a strong grace message that says a Christian cannot go to hell. Yet Jesus said a person that does not invest his talents goes to hell. He also said that the goats don’t go to heaven, neither do the five foolish virgins nor the people with no fruit (John 15). Now Paul has here a list of people that, if they are still practicing this lifestyle when they die, will not enter heaven. It’s a sobering scripture.

The Fabled Age of Accountability

Bubbles need to be burst. For Bible believers, the standard must be, If it’s not in There, we don’t need it!

Top 10 Confession Killers

What inhibits us from the effective practice of confession, either privately or corporately? Here are the top 10 confession killers!

All I Can Do is Pray

I’ve heard it a thousand times. I’ve probably said it a thousand times myself. Someone bares their soul to me, and the situation is terrible, painful, difficult.

The People You Must Not Go to Coffee With Or Share a Meal With As a Christian

If you are friends with any people like this list and you are mixing with them, the sins they are into, can come to tempt you as your relationship creates a soul tie. The Apostle Paul and the Holy Spirit say stop mixing with these types of people right now.

4 Outstanding Qualities Each Servant of God Must Have to Be Used Mightily

The Apostle Paul must have been a wonderful mentor to young Timothy. I can’t imagine how great it would have been to be personally mentored by Paul. Here are four of the 11 qualities a servant of Jesus Christ should have.

Spirit Beings Are Communicating With World Leaders – And it Isn’t Good, Pt 1 of 4

According to the Bible we are not alone. The Bible talks about “principalities and powers” in the spiritual realm. It also warns us to stay away from them. Yet the spirits are talking — and world leaders are listening — and it isn’t good.

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