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Mormons, Christians? Can These Two Religions Co-Exist? Church of Jesus Christ Latter Day Saints

This is a question that is asked by many when it comes to attempting to understand the Mormon religion. The Mormons would most likely answer this question stating it would depend on what individuals expect Christianity to be. The Mormons will tell you that they do certainly include the Bible as part of their study among the other four books which they follow as well. To really understand the Mormon religion you have to understand their basic doctrine.

The Life and History of the Mormon Prophet, Gordon B Hinckley

It would have to be said that with most religions when a new leader takes over that there are some changes always made. When it comes to the Mormon prophet Gordon Hinckley this is more than true.

A Close Look at the Mormon Religion – Church of Latter Day Saints

One that does not follow the Mormon faith but has a bit of knowledge about it shakes their head in awe at where Joseph Smith came up with some of his so-called revelations. Right from a very young age after supposedly receiving his calling Joseph Smith centered his mission on salvation. He put a great deal into his teachings regarding the Celestial kingdom.

Go Behind the Mormon Church – The LDS Temple’s Stand on Polygamy, Rape and Religious Conspiracy

One would have to ask what all of these words in the title actually mean to one another. To fully understand the concept of this one has to take a look at Warren Steed Jeffs. This individual is a self proclaimed prophet who supposedly is a Revelator and Seer of the will of God. It is stipulated that he does this to meet his own means and there is the speculation that Jeff is the modern day version of producing false doctrine.

The First Vision of Joseph Smith – Founder of The LDS Temple

Any individual that is a member of the Church of latter-day Saints is actually from the Mormon religion. Their most beloved leader was Joseph Smith who was the discoverer of the Mormon religion. Quite often you would hear the Mormons talk about the first vision.

The Issue of Polygamy in the Mormon Church – Latter Day Saints

It would seem that any time that the topic of Mormonism comes up then the word polygamy becomes part and parcel of the conversation. This is based on the age-old concept of going back many years ago when it was believed that the Mormons which are now the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints practiced polygamy. This is no longer something that takes place within the Mormon religion.

A Close Look Inside the Mormon Temple and LDS Temple Ceremonies

Every religion has its own place of worship. It may be called a church, temple, house, or sanctuary. For example in accordance to the Mormon religion how the word temple actually came about has been lost in history. The basis of the word temple is to look at the root name from the Latin language which when translated means for something that is measured and plotted. In respect to the Mormons their temple is used for carrying out all of the ordinances that is part of their religion.

The Truth Behind the Strange Beliefs of the Mormon Church – Latter Day Saints

There always seems to be a fair amount of confusion around the Mormon religion and church. Individuals often ask if they are considered as Protestants or Catholics or just what category do they come into.

Book of Mormon Revealed – Complete Analysis on the Book of Mormon

The Mormons will teach that the world ended up in a dark apostasy after the last apostle of Christ died. They will tell you that during this time that the book of Mormon was also tainted. Because of this according to their belief was Joseph Smith was going to be the light that was going to bring everyone out the apostasy by building the true church of Christ.

The Mormon LDS Temple – What You Must Know About the Mormon Religion

One of the biggest stands that the Mormon religion stands upon during their explanation is that every man woman and child has the right to choose between right and wrong and act on their own accord. This is a gift from God according to their belief and this is a test to see if an individual will use these traits to show their love for the Father.

Finally Revealed – Elijah Abel and the Mormon Church Treatment of Minorities

For many years individuals that were black were never allowed to hold any type of priesthood in the Mormon church. In 1978 this changed under the direction of Spencer Kimball. It is believed that when it came to the first man that was black to being accepted into the priesthood that he was ordained by Joseph Smith himself although there is no direct evidence to prove this. Elijah Abel was one such individual that had a different outlook on the treatment of minorities.

How Relevant Are the Mormons in the 21st Century? Mormon Religion Uncovered

It really is not appropriate to knock the beliefs of others. Many understand what standard Christianity is all about but it often becomes varied with other religions. A good example of this is to be Mormon beliefs.

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