Revival in Colorado Day 2

The Power of Children’s Prayer

Children in particular are walking pipelines to spirit and energy in general. Bedtime prayer is important. Bedtime prayer is grounding; it offers protection and guidance. Bedtime is a time for us to ask our guides to clear out the negative energy of the day and replenish the positive healing energies we need to go forth the next day.

You Are So Wonderful!

God has engraved your name on the palm of His hand. He knew you before you were formed in your mother’s womb. You were fearfully and wonderfully made. In fact, He knew you before the foundation of the world, and He loves you! (Isa. 49: 16; Ps. 139: 14-15) He tells you over and over again that you are so wonderful!

Getting Acquainted With Portable Communions Sets

One integral part of that helps in reaching different people in different places and winning them for God are portable communion sets. The Holy Communion is part of an important Christian tradition. Normally, when you hear of Communion, it is different from Baptism wherein the latter is done once while the former is a practice done all throughout a Christian’s life.

God’s 110 Meter Hurdles

Are you a spectator? Are you a sport’s announcer? Are you a runner?

Walking a Mile in His Sandals

Have you ever heard the term you can’t walk a mile in my shoes? The truth is we are all walking a mile in somebody elses shoes because our lives are a reflection of the people that influence us the most. Everything that we are to become in life is learned from the people that we call role models, mentors, teacher, boss, mother, father etc. If heaven is our ultimate goal then we must all walk in the shoes of Jesus Christ.

The Essence of Communion Wafers

If you are not a Christian or just vaguely familiar with the religion, then you might have wondered what communion wafers are and what it’s for. To let you know, these wafers are used during the Holy Communion to represent the body of Christ.

Church Supplies

Picking out church supplies can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. You can easily find great places where you can hunt and shop for church supplies.

A List of the Weirdest Mormon Beliefs – LDS Lessons and Ideas

There is no doubt that every religion has their own set of beliefs and concepts about what their religion means and how it should be applied to their everyday lives. Mormons are no different and have their own unique beliefs as well. When one compares other religions against their own, they often seem foreign and unexplained. There are 10 basic believes that the Mormons feel very strongly about.

Discover Mormon Fundamentalism Versus Democracy – Jesus Christ Latter Day Saints

Polygamy is not something new to the world and it is not something that is restricted to just the Mormons being purportedly in involved in this. It is believed that Jews, Muslims and Christians many centuries ago all practiced polygamy. In Greece it was classed as being a form of concubines. For men in Macedonia this was an acceptable practice to ensure there would be a male heir.

How Can Mormons Be Christians? LDS Lessons, Books and Secrets

The great arguments among the Christians and the Mormons is that the Mormons will not accept the Christian creeds. The belief here is that the very same reasons that exclude the Mormons or the Latter Day Saints from Christianity as it is known today also excludes the original Christians of the New Testament. What is the big reference here is to the nicean creed or any other creeds that came after the Bible.

The Mysteries and Paradox Behind the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

The Mormons take great offense to being referred to as a cult. Yet that the true meaning of the word cult is a system of religious worship. The question that arises, is the Mormon religion a true cult? The problem is that the Mormons believe that when the word cult is used that it is referred to as a unfavorable religion such as one that is made up of horrid things that are taking place amongst that religion.

The Reason Why Mormons Can Never Be Christians

Although there are many sectors of religion that don’t believe in the Mormonism doctrine it would seem that the biggest fight comes from those that are classed as Protestants especially if they happen to be evangelists. The argument here from the Mormons is that this particular group are of the belief that anything that is outside their scope of doctrine is not Christian.

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