On the Rocky Road to Humility

Impotence is a concept thick with meaning for a man; it qualifies him as comprehensively humiliated. He stands there beaten and all but destroyed. But this man has a predecessor, as we all do. It is God, no less. Jesus, who had no place with humiliation, was humiliated on the cross. When we are on the road to humility, humiliation is a somewhat necessary speed hump. How we handle such a barrier to movement is our testimony. Humiliation is not the end, as Jesus showed. But it feels like the end.

Bible Study on Daniel 9 – The Truth About the 70-Week Prophecy

The 70 weeks mentioned in Daniel 9:24-27 is actually a part of an explanation of the vision of chapter 8. It is difficult to relate to what was explained in that passage without referring back to the vision that prompted that explanation. This particular vision is about the ram, the he goat, and the little horn.

If You Don’t Believe In God You Can Never Go to Heaven to Visit Your Grandfather

The other day, I was having a conversation with a devout Christian, and I was playing devil’s advocate; literally. I took the atheist perspective, and he gave me about 10 reasons why a person should believe in God. Many of them were the fear-based arguments which you’ve heard in the past such as; if you don’t believe in God you’ll end up in hell, or just in case you die, you want to make sure that you believe in God so that you can go to heaven, rather than to Haiti.

Universalism, Words That Matter

Does “everlasting” really mean “everlasting”, forever? You be the judge.

8 Things to Do When Waiting

Waiting is one thing many of us struggle with in our instant age. In a place in our circumstances where we have to wait for very little, God still requires us to wait for the good things still coming. We are left to wait, and in the meantime we can learn.

Nobody Knows Me Better

Whenever we feel distant and detached from the Spirit of God, alone in lament, or just alone and unheard, one reflective reading of Psalm 139 should set us straight. It is a prescription to heal many wounds cast in fashions of loneliness. Nobody knows us better than the LORD who brought us, by his intricate design, into being. Think for one moment about that fact: God designed us, me and you, just the way we are. And even though we may dislike parts of us, our LORD constructed us with perfect intention.

Countdown to the End of the World: The Probation of Earth’s Inhabitants Is About to Be Closed

The Bible has provided ample proof in its prediction of end-of-the-world events that a day is coming when grace will no longer be available; that the chance of repentance will be gone forever. In this assertion, I am not talking about the Second Coming but a period prior to that event. In my worldian (non-christian) days reading the Bible, I have always wondered about what will finally become of planet earth.

Creative Uses for One of the Best Evangelism Resources

Today’s gospel tracts present culturally relevant topics printed in bold, bright colors that grab attention. These tracts are affordable when printed in bulk, and they look more like magazine inserts than standard evangelism resources. The text is still designed to spread the glory of God and deliver a powerful message, but that message is delivered in a manner that speaks to the unsaved members of our modern world effectively.

Lord, Be My God!

Is there ever a better moment for any of us than the moment of worship where we are saturated in the Presence of the living God? It’s surprising how low-of-heart we can be in accessing such a worshipful mood. God meets us to heal our lament. God meets us beyond our spirit of contempt.

Universalism – Re-Writing Scripture

We can never understand the depth of the purposes of God. But neither can we try to re-write the things we do understand and may not like.

Bible Study on Revelation 13: Is It Really True That the Mark of the Beast Will Be Forced on You?

I have been studying the thirteenth chapter of the book of Revelation for decades now and almost every book I read and lectures I heard where Revelation 13 is dealt with, there is always the assertion that a mark will be forced on us against our will. Very often this is represented as the implementation of a new world policy to which every inhabitant of planet earth will be held hostage. But is this teaching of Revelation 13?

Christianity and Disinformation

Having been around serious Christians for a number of years, I have developed respect for a creed that I originally saw as being thoroughly wrong. That respect however does not extend to deception that passes in many places as Christian teachings or Christian values.   One of these stances is opposition to science.

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