Stress = Excluding God From Solving The Problem

God wants us to come to Him first with everything that happens in our lives, whether good or bad. He wants to be the first one we tell instead of trying to find another solution before finally coming to Him to pour out our problems. Many of us spend much of our lives totally stressed because we try to get answers from everywhere but the ONE who has all the right answers from the start.

Ethics in Business, Religion, and Fairness in the Market Place Considered

As a former business person and entrepreneur, sometimes I get my feelings hurt when I watch TV and see how business people are badmouthed by politicians, along with all this class warfare that has been going on. You see, it is my belief that if you provide goods and services to others, consumers and customers who desire such, that you should be able to make a profit for your labors, and bringing those things to fruition in the marketplace. I don’t see anything unethical or wrong about that.

The Difference in Sinward and Godward

He who looks sinward has his back to God. He who looks Godward has his back to sin. It is impossible to follow God completely and dabble in sin at the same time. Repent means to turn around and go in the opposite direction.

Honouring God’s Will By Prayer

Apparently the story of Judith (set in the Sixth Century BCE) was very popular and influential in Jesus’ time. This apocryphal book speaks of the courageous leadership of a woman prepared to fast and pray and wait on God’s perfect will. What is stated above is a timely reminder to honour God in prayer, by acknowledging, God’s hand will not be coerced. Perhaps the most important part of the above two verses are the final four words – “if it pleases him.”

Putting Scripture Into Proper Perspective: Part One

For too long the Bible has been used wrongly. You probably know the drill. A religious leader stands in front of a congregation and preaches from verses in the Bible. The overall hope is that the congregation will believe the message, repent, and then struggle to live the way Jesus or God desires. Sometimes the verses in question are used to get someone “saved” once they accept the message. But this sort of Biblical perspective is completely counter-productive to what the scriptures were meant to do.

Pray, Move, Grow, Transform

There is only one good thing about a day that turns to mud. When all our hope has turned from sunlight to grey, apart from the default feeling of rancorous despair we struggle with, there is a golden cue; a goad; a cattle prod. God is compelling us toward decision time. So our sense for reason can reckon.

My Family Was Raptured

  I was 12 years old when I attended children’s church in a small United Brethren in Christ church near Meadville in northwestern Pennsylvania. I loved children’s church for all the wrong reasons. Separation from a father who determined to make me toe the line was a relief.

Why Did My House Burn Down

The flames reached high into the sky with smoke sending ominous black clouds filled with ash into the atmosphere. The wind wailed and pushed the twisting fire onto the nearby trees. I couldn’t believe what was happening my house was engulfed in orangey red flames. I had just grabbed the last family picture and headed down the road in my car when I noticed that I was not the only one barely escaping the fire.

A Refuge From the Storm

We are living in a time of enormous uncertainty around the world, especially in a financial context. Many predict a financial tidal wave coming toward us, so where do we run and hide? There is only one true shelter from the storm.

The Power of Worshipping At His Feet – Part 2

Part 2 of the importance of worshipping at the feet of the Lord and going through scripture to see the kind of gates that are opened being at his feet with the focus is to understand what we are doing Being at the feet of the Lord from the last issue we saw that at his feet we find grace and mercy, his feet are a place of healing and also that his feet are a place reverence and honour simply a perfect place to worship. The feet of the Lord also represent…

Becoming a House of Prayer

Did you know the Bible describes a time when people witness the anger of Christ?  He enters the temple in Jerusalem and observes the people,  then he leaves for the night.

Living Intentionally for Eternity

Life is a one-day-at-a-time adventure, mystery and challenge. We can be sure that life leads to death and, therefore, eternity. Living intentionally for eternity is about planning for that eventuality and living life accordingly.

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