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What Exactly is Evangelism?

Many Christians put evangelism into the job description of pastors, missionaries and evangelists, without considering the possibility of them having a part in it as well. According to the dictionary, words like “preaching,” “work of an evangelist,” and “missionary zeal” might offer security in their thinking, since they might not have any of those names as their own official titles.

What is Evangelism?

The definition of evangelism given in the dictionary is: “1) the preaching or promulgation of the gospel; the work of an evangelist” 2) “missionary zeal, purpose, or activity” 3) “militant zeal for a cause.” By this definition, some Christians may think that they don’t have to evangelize because they don’t hold the “official” title of preacher, evangelist or missionary. Let’s see what the Bible says about evangelism.

The Look of Evangelism

We see everything with new eyes when we put our trust in Jesus Christ, and we want everyone we know to see things as we see them. As we share the truths of God’s Word, the Bible, and tell others about Jesus, we try to make ourselves clear, and often seek help from people we look upon as experienced.

What Does Evangelism Look Like?

What happens if one person who has been very active in evangelism for years strongly disagrees with another person who has the same heart for evangelism? Who do we believe? Are we just supposed to choose one to follow and stick with that approach the rest of our lives?

Is it Possible For an Unbeliever to Be Interested in a Step-By-Step Evangelism Video?

When we hand a stranger evangelism materials, we often don’t know what the outcome is going to be. Did they read it? Did they find someone to whom they could ask questions? Did they believe what they watched? We’ll always have occasions like this, but there are certain things that we can consider if we ever choose to use something bigger than a Gospel tract, such as an evangelism video.

My Church Pastor Doesn’t Receive a Salary From Our Church

I love to hear this statement; my church pastor doesn’t receive a salary from our church. There is nothing that makes me happier than to hear someone who is living a life which they truly believe in. Very few religious organizations adopt this kind of thinking, but I wish more would.

Five Things Large Christian Churches Have in Common With Casinos

I’m sure that there are a lot more than five things that Christian churches have in common with casinos, but here’s some of the things that most reasonable minded people would agree on. 1. They both operate out of large buildings that are usually strategically located off of large freeways or on well-traveled city streets.

How Does Personal Freedom and Christian Faith Tie Up?

Some might assume that becoming a Christian is a fine way to curtail freedoms, to wrap yourself up in chains of shame and guilt. So why is it that elsewhere in my articles I promote the cause of personal liberty and espouse freedom for all. How can the two tie up?

Nyepi Day (Silent Day) In Bali

Silent Day, the religious holiday, is the only one which is happening in the world. There is no other similar day anywhere else but Bali. Traditional Hindhu’s celebration falls every year according to Hindhu ancient calendar. This special day is celebrated every March in a year. It is a symbolic act for the winning of good (Dharma) over bad energy (Adharma) and also marking Balinese New Year based on their traditional calendar.

The God of the Jews

The writers of the Bible were all Monotheistic and knew nothing about a triune God or three Persons in the Godhead because they were all Jews who have always believed in only God. Read this article about what Isaiah says about who God really is.

The Four Gospels Create More Research Problems

It never really made much sense to me, to think that we needed four stories about how Jesus was born and what he did during his life. Do you realize that each one of the four Gospels has four different versions of how Jesus died?

Questions From Teaching the Bible

One of the biggest problems that educators have, who choose to teach from the Bible, is the questions that their students ask. Some of these questions can’t be answered easily and if the teacher chooses to answer them, often it’s only speculation.

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