Impaled By His Majesty

One of the reasons we have not seen the move of God we are crying out for is because few have gone into the holy of holies and been touched with the burning coal of His purity. We will know when someone has been in the holy of holies, for their heart will be one with God’s. Because we have been touched by His glory and majesty as we return through the tabernacle to our everyday living, we come with a new anointing and perspective.

The Key to Every True Blessing

Nothing builds our faith more than the experience of God’s faithfulness to bless us in our obedience. When we’re willing and obedient we can expect to be blessed, but we must continue onward often longer than we realise. We keep obeying and we’re blessed eventually.

Zeus Of Greece Vs. The God Of Israel

Within all human cultures over all of recorded history, there have been literally multi-thousands and thousands of supernatural deities that have formed the heart and soul of the world’s religions. Today, most educated people can name say a dozen or so of the better known. First and foremost would be the monotheistic deity, God, Allah and related names. Within the remaining polytheistic deities, most would have heard of Thor, Apollo, Quetzalcoatl, Atlas, Gaia, Poseidon, and related. One such related is the Greek King of the [Olympian] Gods – Zeus (Jupiter to the Romans). The heavyweight champion believability fight – God vs. Zeus – is the match-up of the millennia.

Redeeming Joy – Why Sin Never Satisfies

Sin only satisfies when there’s more sin to be had. It’s a highly conditional freedom-a trap promising captivity, not salvation.

Perfect Love

When the scriptures state that “perfect love casts out fear” the Lord gives us the solution to rejection and shame. It is always good to ask questions when we read the word of God. For instance, in this particular passage an important and neglected truth is revealed in the way the Lord states that fear is dealt with. He does not say that perfect love ends fear, or that perfect love diminishes fear, but rather, perfect love “casts out fear.”

Every Prayer’s a Winner

If there is a trembling weakness within any believer’s repertoire of spiritual disciplines, besides their sin, it’s likely to be prayer. Many of us feel we don’t pray well enough. Most of us probably feel we don’t pray enough. And probably all of us have experienced that doubt within that contemplates that God either doesn’t hear our prayers or doesn’t answer them. We secretly wonder if prayer makes any difference at all.

God’s Ministry of Rewriting Histories

The power of the gospel message is too marvellous for human comprehension, by the fact of God’s mercy to redeem us in Christ Jesus. This prayer of David’s for the revival of the joy of his salvation in Psalm 51 is, in actuality, the perfect model prayer for the sinner in their dire straits. Twice David asks the LORD to blot out his transgression (verse 1) and his iniquity (verse 9).

The Ultimate Stronghold

Is there a fierce stronghold that continually mocks and taunts your efforts to fulfill the Lord’s mandate on your life? Some ultimate stronghold that has not yeilded to any of your efforts? Just about the time we grow courageous enough to believe we can complete what the Lord has called us to, this unyielding stronghold begins to mock our labors. Usually it is the form of some criticizm, intimidation, or minimization of our gifts, abilities and calling. The sad thing about this is that it almost always works

The Victorious Christian Life – No Cliche

If God is for us, who could be against us? But that is likened, too often, to a cliche. Living with hope that has infiltrated our psyches is the only true power for life. This is a life where actions-of-rare-virtue have abundantly more power than words. Living the victorious Christian life is the life of victory because others have victory and because God has already won the battle for us in Christ.

Yet Another Humanitarian Project? [Part 9] Why Is This Happening

When the Hebrew Talmud declares that “Whoever destroys a soul, it is considered as if he destroyed an entire world. And whoever saves a life, it is considered as if he saved an entire world”, it speaks about saving a life about to be extinguished. It doesn’t say that it is anyone’s duty to assist in the alteration of the Divine Plan and its actualization in anyone’s life circumstances.

Churches Are Organisms And Organizations!

Churches necessarily become complex organizations as the membership and attendance grows. This is because people are limited to about 70 other people they can communicate with effectively. When the church increases in size the lines of communication, means of conducting ministry business and various policies must become “organized.” Rather than lamenting the loss of “intimacy and fellowship” you should see this as an opportunity to rejoice in what God is doing in your church.

Family Trees

Genealogies have a new meaning since the passing of my father and my father-in-law. They are important to God and should be to me as well.

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