Kiss God Goodbye For The Almighty Has Passed His ‘Use By’ Date

What does the phrase “past its use by date” mean? It means the product is no longer relevant or serves the purpose for which it was once intended; it’s superseded; irrelevant; it’s outdated; if organic it stinks, leaves a bad taste in your mouth, can be harmful to your health and wellbeing, and all-round is a product better discarded into the rubbish bin, buried, incinerated and forgotten about. That seems to sum up the product we call God of the Old Testament.

Confirmation of the Spirit’s Leading

One thing we ought to pray for, continually, is confirmation of the Spirit’s leading. This requires discernment. It’s the quality of seeking the knowledge of God’s will for our lives, right now. There is no better reality than being in the lap of God’s will.

How To Become God’s Delight

God is love and He loves everyone including sinners, but not everyone including Christians are His delight. We might be saved but we might not be His delight. How many of you can say that you are His beloved son or daughter in whom He is well pleased? If you cannot say that, then I would like to show you how you can say it and believe it.

Walking After Emptiness

The world’s emptiness often comes in a lovely package, but as soon as we have that “lovely package” in our grasp, we realize that we are still unsatisfied, and our desire is unabated. Where can we go to be filled and feel fully satisfied, refreshed, vibrantly alive?

The Psalm of Habakkuk

No matter what we fear our best response is to trust God. Perhaps fear, of all the emotions, brings us closer to God – because we must rely on our LORD in order to survive. As Habakkuk found, the Fear of the LORD brings us to a faith-response of reliance in trust.

Purpose Is About Pursuit of Passion

Passion produces joy, and it is God’s will for all our lives that we experience the joys of passion. In a Kingdom sense, passion is important regarding purpose in two ways: 1) to have passion in our work, and 2) to be compassionate with people. When we have these two we have the keys to a life of joy.

The Painful Path to Empathy

Charles Dickens’ popular “A Christmas Carol” was the first of five Christmas books. His fifth, “The Haunted Man” has a moral just as powerful as the first.

The Last Word!

If you’ve ever found yourself wishing God would give you a ‘sign’ about what to do or which way to go, you’re certainly not alone. But, the Apostle Peter has told us that there’s a better way to find our bearings.

Unspectacularly Supernatural

Certainly, spectacular miracles are quite easy to identify. But, do we routinely fail to recognize God’s hand in the ‘unspectacular’ little things which happen for us daily?

Mystery of Melchizedek Revisited

In any bible study on the epistle to the Hebrews, there is, inevitably, the figure of Melchizedek, who may not be quite mysterious in the epistle, due to the epistle writer’s interpretations. To unravel who this figure is, in the Hebrew bible, where he originates, is not quite as easy a task. Some have commented, and even concluded, that the mystery of Melchizedek is finally solved. These solutions, though, are interpretations, not exegesis of the original material.

The Insanity of Humankind and Their Religious Notions Over Global Warming Theory

Is it just me or are we experience the birth of a new religion, one of fear, actually a godless religion, where man is the devil and the environment is our benign benefactor. It seems we are, especially when we consider this whole Global Warming Theory and how the alarmists are using every opportunity and weather event to promote their new age AGW religion onto the masses.

The End of the World and the Rapture? Signs of the Times in Matthew 24

The end of the world will come after the signs of Matthew 24 and will include a rapture as Paul describes in 1Thessalonians 4. Some signs not possible before the 21st century are now a concern.

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